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  1. WoOziE

    Cryopod mishap

    AFAIK there are 2 possible solutions : 1) unclaim and claim the dino 2) use a bed to jump to another location
  2. WoOziE

    Cryopod mishap

    Why oh why did WC add "follow" states for dinos that you throw out of Cryopods ?! Unconscious dinos keep following me around and I can't make them stop until they wake up. I suggest you throw out few cryopods in a row to try out this amazing new "feature" !
  3. WoOziE

    Glitches With Baby Dinos

    Happened to me too few times. You can save your dinos though - you'll just have to force-feed them until glitch passes. As far as I've observed- for some reason baby stops maturing during this glitch (it's maturation % stays the same) when the glitch passes the % jump to the lever that they're suppose to be at.
  4. I know that increasing imprinting timer from 4 to 8 hours was a great step forward, but even 8 hour gap between imprints isn't enough. I suggest increasing it to 12 hours, so people with regular jobs woudn't have to miss imprints on dinos that are have very tight imprinting schedule.
  5. WoOziE

    Griffin Taming with High Damage Longneck Rifle?

    There is an indication when you hit your target so that's not really an issue. So far I've only used the "wait between shots" method and it's worked fine for me. Don't see good enough reason to change it now.
  6. WoOziE


    You can use traps to tame dinos, so you won't have to use bolas.
  7. WoOziE

    Taming Cap ( I mean SERIOUSLY ??)

    There's always an option to set tribe caps really low to encourage players to play on multiple servers at once and use Rag mostly for taming purposes. I know that it's not ideal, but it could at least help.
  8. WoOziE

    Griffin Taming with High Damage Longneck Rifle?

    You don't always know the exact amount of required darts, and to me it really doesn't make a difference when you choose to wait - after each shot or at the end while waiting for torpor to rise. Waiting after each shot doesn't really have any downsides if you're not in a rush to KO the dino
  9. I like your ideas, especially about S+. We need some additional base building options really bad.
  10. WoOziE

    Griffin Taming with High Damage Longneck Rifle?

    Use the highest damage longneck that you can. Just remember to count to 4 after reload is complete before you fire next shot.
  11. WoOziE

    Whats yalls favorite armor

    Flak armor all the way ! Thermal protection doesn't really matter in the short run, but you get A LOT of armor. And of course - it easy and cheap to repair.
  12. WoOziE

    Suggestions on obtaining a Queen Bee

    Bees are quite easy to tame on Ragnarok too