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  1. Midnight2Monaco


    You play 17 hours a day for the last two weeks??
  2. Midnight2Monaco

    Hey Guys

    ^Also wondering that
  3. Midnight2Monaco

    Favorite Game other than Ark

    The Long Dark has been a favorite of mine for the past couple years as it's probably the best survival simulation out there at the moment tbh if you play it in sandbox mode. Their story mode could use some work though and there have been quite a few delays in the past year with releasing new content.
  4. Midnight2Monaco

    Hello all

    Why not give pvp servers a try?
  5. Midnight2Monaco

    Looking For Players

    I'll keep an eye out, guy sounds pretty cool though lol
  6. Midnight2Monaco

    pvp 233, WIPE THE ALPHA FFS

    Pretty normal man, maybe PVE would be more suited towards your interests.