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  1. New fresh ragnarok 24/7 boosted server with unlimited weight for players and dinos. Not my server but i'm promoting it. They have their own website: https://trashyarkserver.weebly.com/server-settings.html. Find out more there. 32 slots Settings: XP MULTIPLIER: 10 TAMING SPEED: 100 HARVEST AMOUNT: 15 CROP GROWTH SPEED: 2000 DECREASED MATING AND IMPRINTING INTERVAL (meaning you can mate more often and imprint faster) DAY CYCLE SPEED: 1 DAY TIME SPEED: 1 NIGHT TIME SPEED: 4 EGG HATCH SPEED: 50 Dino and character stats are official Turret damage increased x2 Weight and oxygen increase
  2. This is cancerous, wildcard help us and interact with your players.
  3. So I've had problems lately with player dedicated servers. Xbox one 1. They don't show up on the ark server list 2. Host accounts won't let me join them The second problem is the one i'm most concerned and aggravated about because I know most of the time servers don't show up on the server list and that's fine because I find servers to play on through the internet. However when I add a host account to join someone's server it goes fine for a day or two but then I can no longer join because when I try to (I play on xbox 1) the join game option is grayed out and won't let me join even though it says that the account is on Ark Survival Evolved. I have a group of 5 people I play with and they can't join the server either and say they're having the same problem I am. Really wish ark would get fixed instead of wildcard adding new content before finishing or fixing the old stuff. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN! ;(
  4. Absolute garbage, can't see people's servers and when I add the host account 98% of the time the join game option won't appear even though the account is online and playing ark so I can't join that way either. Wildcard get your stuff together and actually talk to your community before it dies out.