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  1. Things Ark NEEDS (suggestions welcome)

    Nope he couldn’t have, kid is probably 12 and garbage. I actually “do you even ark bro” (speak English btw sped) so if your good you can pretty much overcome anything this game throws at you. Dinos getting kited off a cliff? Put gates up pal. Gates getting destroyed? Put turrets up. Nice to know that there are such nice people in ark 😂
  2. How do I get a wyvern

    Don’t keep any eggs lower than lvl 155, because the higher the lvl the higher the food stat. And in turn; it makes them easier to raise.
  3. Plant X lagging

    When you set the plant X on some targeting settings, you get VERY choppy lag when you look at it. This needs to be fix as it is very difficult to walk around a base I you have a decent amount of plant X.
  4. pvp My tribe seeks revenge on an insider.

    Do they seriously only have 4 turrets? Are they allied with any mega tribes? Whats their base made out of, and how much stuff do they have? This sounds like something I might be into 😈
  5. Things Ark NEEDS (suggestions welcome)

    I agree with you with the fall damage, it is really needed to make the game more realistic.
  6. READ THIS! More Weapons

    Exactly, Im sick of sniping and being sniped. I want to actually meele fight somebody with steel instead of a flamethrower
  7. I just had an idea for egg-stealing!

    What are you taking about? A ptera is all I use to steal eggs. I’ve been hit multiple times by 185 Lightning’s on it as well and have not had an issue. Might want to get better saddles and breed better pteras if you think it doesn’t work....
  8. READ THIS! More Weapons

    Listen, yea we got a sword and yea we got a pike, but that’s about it. We need more. We need knives; for quick jabs and stabs. We need a war axe of somekind (not the hatchet lol). But the main thing I want to see added here is 2 handed weapons. I would love to have a 2 handed battle axe that swings slow and hits HARD, or even a 2 handed broad sword that could attack slower than normal but does a bunch more damage if a hit is achieved, and potentially shear you inhalf (depending on how much gore wildcard deems necessary). Also dual wielding weapons would be a great addition; for example 2 pistols (but u can’t zoom in and accuracy drops immensely), or make it so that a torch can be carried with another item in the other hand. Let me know what you guys think about this.
  9. Hey Guys

    About how long does it take to get out of “Early Bird” status?
  10. 1 day more :)

    Hyped up! They cant possibly delay to anymore, is already delayed longer than Rag coming to console
  11. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Better fricken be tameable, rideable, and breedable wildcard....
  12. Probably been suggested before, but I think the amargasaurus would be cool to have now. Considering those 2 sails along its back, the rider could sit between the sails. This could be the next bullet soaker people!
  13. Hey Guys

    Nah still haven’t gotten access yet, but I play on Xbox official PvP
  14. Hey Guys

    Now I'm new to this whole form thing, but I've been playing ark for over a year now. I'm posting this because it says that you have to post a certain number of times before you can access the trading forms. Figured I might as well get used to the forms. Sorry if there is like a specific topic or section for this kinda stuff....