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  1. on that, i see the command but is there a way to change the duration of the drop, steam says the command starts a 12 hour timer. not that i won't be up still at 2:46 in the morning, but some of the tribies might not be...just curious
  2. i have 3 mammoths named: 1.Snuffle, 2.Uppa, 3.Gus Snuffleuppagus--i thought it was pretty clever...if you remember Sesame Street
  3. ThzNutz

    ThzNutz Ark Screenies

    Several screenshots from my main rig, all Epic settings, rendering at 3840X2160 displayed at 1920X1080 using Nvidia HDR. Screens with FPS info are using these settings.
  4. From the album: ThzNutz Ark Screenies

    Sunrise from Frozen Tooth
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