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  1. ThzNutz

    Alpha Killer

    yes, saddle bp go up to 120 armor -- we have either a 104 or a 106 basil bp taken from what used to be the easy water cave (Cave of Lost Faith)
  2. ThzNutz

    Is magnifying glass useless?

    we used it all the time while taming crabs on Aberration -- many a crab were saved from my questionable catapult aiming skillz hahaha
  3. ThzNutz

    Tek cave and ascension questions

    we always use a ranged weapon to kite the gigas into lava. as many tames as can be mushed onto the platform will be teleported, up to 50. in practice ive had rex that fell off the platform be teleported anyways, but wouldn't advise trying it. we take 20-25 rex with decent saddles. 2 players drag the majority of the rex (aptly named RexLords - Gnome and Sega, thanks mates) behind the rest of the players as they take turns in lines of 3-4 clearing the cave with a yuty doing both buff and fear screams. cave cleaners wait at the blue room door and spam meat if needed while waiting for the rest of the rex. once regrouped its on to the platform - we group again before starting the fight -- shoot the Overseer with your weapon of choice while he has his force field down and use rex when he spawns into boss form. enjoy the cut scene
  4. and is an intended game mechanic and that means you trekked out to get alot of wood = risk
  5. but once you have a mated pair you have as many of that dino as you want in a pretty short period of time, especially given twins/triplets -- kill all other males (fine, just dont think you should get the same xp for killing a level 224 rex when the 224 rex you killed is a...baby...) and you will have more fert eggs than you know what to do with unless you are mass killing them just for the xp
  6. just sayin im still doin my full day hehehehe -- not implying you have been playing ark all day, but if you were my hats off to ya its my topic and if i want to engage a forum member to make sure there are no hard feelings over a misunderstanding that is my prerogative -- post as you will good sir im saying that killing babies in mass solely for xp gain is unintended. the prep work and whatever for those 100 eggs solely for the xp gained is nothing compared to the work and risk of gaining the same xp otherwise. you disagree?
  7. well you have it easy lmao im at work, moderating here, trying to keep up with this conversation, eating pizza and coordinating the repair of my washing machine that my wife cant seem to put a balanced load in (love you tho honey ) if only i were Arking atm hahahahaha
  8. i have not -- we have no use for them. i am not implying that baby dinos have no use or even that they shouldnt be killed if need be -- my opinion is that hatching 100 giga eggs to reach level 90 almost immediately is an unintended/exploitative game mechanic.
  9. the snarkiness was on my side mate -- all good tho, have fun and hope your tame works out
  10. if you scroll up and read i state it is not a fair comparison and apologize. the point of the thread is to get others views, however your post seemed to be more of your wanting to express your cavalier attitude towards the topic, which led to a somewhat snarky response. my bad, if you have more input on the topic you are more than welcome to share here.
  11. i really should get my multi-quote going on this but my skills are lacking today you are correct tho for sure, there are many unintended mechanics in use daily -- and i use some of them as well (dont take my over-harvest please )
  12. ^^ is a smilely? had to scroll back up and look hahaha at any rate, i dont disagree that taming high level dinos (your first) is not an easy task -- i just question the risk to reward when we have users describing hatching 1k plus eggs for the sole reason of xp gain. i have power leveled one character, my first and thats only because we found narco fun -- that said alot of time was spent out of camp gathering to be able to level that way. the only tames we've leveled using a grinder were our theriz before their first boss run because we ran out of time. really, we only have grinders for flint and grinding all the crap we bring home (ie, what my wife cant throw away ) agreed and i also like what @DarthaNyan suggests, a % of maturity
  13. true, i remember saving mats to craft our first one, threw a bunch of stuff in it and let it do its magic.....i was horribly underwhelmed werent they given the XP thing later to give them some value? i like it too
  14. i did not misconstrue, although my comparison is not accurate as under mesh was known by those doing it as non-legitimate. my apologies. a more apt comparison would be platform builds and how that mechanic has played out -- it could be done, used the game mechanics they designed and yet was found to be an unintended game mechanic -- there are others as well. my purpose here is simply to get others opinions and to discuss -- im not advocating a change or trying to rile anyone up
  15. i beg to differ on the point that grinders dont re-fill themselves and that taming high level dinos to breed just to produce high level babies to kill solely for gain would be, in my opinion, unintended.