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  1. not exactly what we "did today" but close enough i guess, twas Saturday - we have been mostly on Ab lately, taming and breeding, building up etc. but wanted to do something on the island for a bit of a change. the only things left we havent done are ascension and the cave of the Strong. so we head to Green Oby and start moving rex, we need trophies from alpha Ape and Brood to make our alpha ascension run (hopefully this weekend ). we have been on those alpha runs many times, but usually as riders with other tribes. plenty of beta trophies in the ol'vault but no alpha heads other than dragon. run both fights back to back, then heal up the rex with Hellboy (crazy red 85k food daedon), get everyone parked again and its like....well....now what? there was mention of trying the snow cave again, and i knew one day we would go back, but the last trip was still kind of a sore spot with me -- (9 or 10 of us on the server went in and we all died and lost tons of gear) -- but it was either that or go back to Ab and do a cave there, so i said sure (half expecting not to go ). get back to camp, running around grabbing gear when i see Gnome has his cyan death squad (all 48 dimorphs) hovering above his thyla when i realize we are actually going to go back in, the 3 of us.... we are all literally "loaded for bear" and the adventure begins -- other than a large polar bear spawn in the first room, it was totally horrible and we made decent progress, going slow and killing everything needed to get to the next room, trying to keep the dimorphs away from bears. from the last trip we knew things would re-spawn quickly behind us, and we planned on fighting our way back out, so after grabbing artifacts we started back out and were pleasantly surprised that not many of the mobs had re-spawned...i was starting to get a little excited as we were coming up on the "first room" again, when Gnome gets dc'd and the proverbial poo hits the fan -- 5-6 bears again and i kid you not, id swear 10 purlovia. Ruh and i died pretty quickly, thats when it hit me all the bags we dropped are all further away from the entrance, and after 2 more back to back deaths i had to re-spawn back at our north camp. with images burnt into my brain of the last whoopin the cave put on us and knowing we had one room to clear to get out i grabbed what fur i could, a 290 AR from the boss vault and 2300 rounds, grabbed my wyvern and was back in just a few mins. turns out the primitive fur i grabbed lasted one bear bite, ruh threw me her pants (lmao, cyan ofc and the AR i grabbed was hers, cyan) and i went ham, spraying rounds at anything that moved -- other than the cyan pants, rambo would've been proud. Gnome had made it back in by now and with almost everything dead it was time to grab the gear and get the fooz outta dodge -- which we did in short order. i was the last out, there was a bear guarding the gold drop that i was not leaving without, and yes....Journeyman cloth glove bp for my Ruh (she loves her painted cloth sets). we get back to camp, unload everything and talk about the madness -- we have one dimorph left, and she has earned her spot at the fireplace now with the other shoulder pets that are special, never to see the outside again -- although she will give us eggs for another, smaller cloud, at some point.....maybe lmao. anyways, a SS or two for your enjoyment hehehe.
  2. luckily she only had it about 2 weeks and wasnt super attached just yet..... was an awesome un-leveled 180 with above average melee when we got it (had 560 and was still levelingwhen it died) i got the "kinda" silent treatment for a bit, but we accepted long ago that "The Ark Giveth, and the Ark Taketh". replacements inbound this weekend, although not quite as nice. nice grab on that giga--i saw one last night too, but it was missing the 1 in front of the 45....lmao
  3. ingots, ingots, ingots....killed my wife's lightning wyvern night before last---fall damage other than that....um... last night saw 2 pairs of twin dimorphs, and a really cute baby buzzard, cooked off some argy eggs and some super nice ptera eggs for hatching this weekend (all of this by tribemate Gnomie). another tribemate (iggy), myself and my wife ran the swamp cave (yes she will still play with me lol). got back to farm more ingots and found a 45 female giga just below our forges on blue mountain. she was a real pain and took almost 40 minutes to get kited to the correct drowning location, but was ultimately successful. flying back home briefly we came across a 2.9 and 3.2 coel that iggy (inhouse fisherman) wanted to try to catch so i cleaned up all the "scrub" fish while he wet a line. had some success but not with the 2 big ones and at that point is was time to log. have 2 wyverns ordered and possibly a third so its gonna be an ingot weekend, but we are def getting back in the water at some point--finally got a decent Basilo (Thanks for the kibble loan/guarding while taming LadyofHats Tribe) hope everyone has a happy and safe dino weekend!! ****to those in this thread that are having issues, please create a thread in the troubleshooting section for your particular platform, thanks!
  4. ok, i re-read the OP and i see nothing soliciting bug reports. those go in a different forum/thread. i invited you to create your own thread in the appropriate place so that you could discuss your issues, and with it being in the correct forum there will be more responses/views. ultimatums/being threatening will get you nowhere. if you feel any moderator action is unwarranted you may submit a support ticket. nuff said
  5. i moved that topic to PC ts&support--hollar if you need more help

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      hey i recently got banned for misunderstanding they think i was promoting self harm i was literally saying i wanted to kms and i wanted to quit for the day and im out ive been playing this for years and i was so excited for this new map launch and now i cant play..


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  7. @Mayai thank you, we appreciate you not posting a link catch the reveal here shortly https://www.twitch.tv/survivetheark
  8. i will ask up the food chain and see if i can get any info for you, no promises tho:)

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      Thank you, I got the help I needed  <3


  9. tree house's are gonna be a thing from what i understand? not sure when that will be, but i thought i had been posted they were gonna do them...right? no ewok village=
  10. looks awesome--ewok village recreation here i come
  11. ThzNutz

    Fishing Direbear

    just....beautiful, i cant wait for my bearz
  12. you there panda? at home and no skype



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