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  1. Otter glitched/lost in world

    take the same path back and J whistle the whole way? make sure "show distant names" or whatever is on. if it was neutral it could be pretty far off the route you took tho. it could just be hung up on a rock or tree so hard to say. if you have a tek helmet it makes lost dinos easy to find, but not everyone has those so....
  2. how's them theri'z on the abberation boss??

    you will not disrespect the TickleChicken we will be getting some Megalo'z too tho -- just started building at the edge of the Blue illuminated area
  3. how's them theri'z on the abberation boss??

    i suppose....but that wouldnt be very "official" of me now would it i joke, would be fun, and we are playing Aberration on our own dedi, just cause -- and i am purposefully ignoring most of the Aberration stuff out there (boss fight vids, etc.) until we have a chance to discover stuff for ourselves -- so will probably be awhile before there are any boss fights on our server
  4. how's them theri'z on the abberation boss??

    you dont get theriz to aberration, someone is trolling.......
  5. How do I get support?

    @Yippee38 cool, thanks -- will be tomorrow at the earliest before i might know anything. otherwise, get ready for a reload...i do mine at least once a year, usually more. fresh windows is the best windows hahaha
  6. How do I report a dupper?

    for Official servers: either through support https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us or [email protected] be sure to include all relevant information
  7. Giant bees

    iguanadon on red mushrooms -- we have a few stacks saved up now. we need two more bee's so will be finding out soon if they are "bugged" (lol) somehow, but they should definitely still be tamable.
  8. WildCard, Pull Your Head Out!

    as Joe said, stay on topic -- last friendly warning
  9. Routes Blocked Off, Beaches and Rivers??

    blocking pathways is an actionable offense, you would need to submit a support ticket and see what they can do, included link below. there is nothing that can be done about this issue through the forums, so i am locking this thread https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us
  10. the Steam version and the Win10 version are not crossplay compatible and are separate versions. the Win10 version is essentially the xbox version emulated on Win10, so Steam version PC players will not be interacting with console players, at least not for the foreseeable future.
  11. How do I get support?

    @Yippee38 please post a complete callstack from the crash and i might be able to get an answer or a different direction to head in.... should be able to get it in the logs folder
  12. How do I get support?

    @Yippee38 i havent heard of or been able to find any other prescribed fix other than the complete OS/steam/Ark reload, which is kind of a bummer it may not fix the issue for everyone, but as long as the majority have success i would definitely try it. will continue asking and trying to find a better solution tho, if i get anything ill def post back here. oh if you put an @ in front of my name ill see the "mention" and get a notification.
  13. Player has entire section of area walled off

    the only ones that can answer that question is support, located here https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us i can appreciate you posting in an existing thread that is similar to your issue (really, that is awesome) but please dont necro year old threads . in the future if the only thread you can find that is similar to whatever issue/topic you are concerned with is a really old one, its okay to create a new one. in this instance, only support will be able to assist you (hopefully).
  14. Thank you for continued disappointment

    they do too, they are just really little and invisible...and everyone is scared of them because they are so cool so no one talks about them. sheesh, you are always saying stuff that makes sense....STOP IT oh...and OT, i am not disappointed so..um...ya