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  1. Hyena and salts

    just stop... doesn't matter if he is at work or on the pooper he can post a question on these forums whenever he wants as long as the rules are followed, same applies to everyone. lets just get back to the topic or go elsewhere. @PaleoJoe even without "emotion" your first post does kinda come off snarky, but i get what you were going for, no harm no foul
  2. Ultimate Public Wyvern Trap

    true, but "alpha wyvern" were not mentioned in the OP. thanks for the added info tho, never hurts
  3. Ultimate Public Wyvern Trap

    i was under the impression you could only get milk from unconscious female wyvern? did this change recently or something?
  4. its at the top of the page, 5th item over. technically not just a "link" but the best way to get player abuse info to support. duping methods and exploits can be sent to [email protected] or as mentioned by @Antitheft2
  5. Most Creative Dino Names

    not sure how creative it is but we have 3 female yutys named Fruity, Snooty, and Booty
  6. Permission

    should pretty well explain things for you
  7. Dinos Despise

    Troodon is a very close second then
  8. Tacking The Island's Caves

    i read that Lower South was lmao. it is 10%, 100% of the time
  9. Tacking The Island's Caves

    saber has 29 base damage, thyla has 40 thyla is too big to fit in alot of caves, saber isnt both have saddles thyla climbs like a beast
  10. Tacking The Island's Caves

    i'd swear we got it from every bat that bit us last night, died twice...was a complete fail (forgot about antidote/health potions/flame arrows, etc lmao) other than getting 2 clever artifacts. we went in for megalania toxin and not a lizard to be found. didnt lose either saber tho. so ya, if in a group and someone gets rabies, dont get close to them lmao--doesnt work out well.
  11. Tacking The Island's Caves

    they are a pretty quick breed too...have fun
  12. Tacking The Island's Caves

  13. Tacking The Island's Caves

    had a really nice froggy too and...well...long story but it didnt get killed in a cave if you are gonna breed them make like a 3x3 with railings for walls and do not put a ramp anywhere near the pen. the frog will find a way to ramp outta the water while you are walking it and instantly die lol
  14. Tacking The Island's Caves

    we have bred frogs several times...???
  15. does anyone even remember the pelagornis

    i like them, they are little jet ski's you can fish from. while they do get decent org poly we prefer moschops for that. as far as taming an otter with them, just carry your icthy on your shoulder and motorboat around. hope i have time later to try that