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  1. you will want more RAM if attempting to run more than one map -- my dedi running an Official save sits around 11gb (total usage, including OS -- nothing else running). i would want 8gb per map. everything else should run just fine.
  2. Good Legacy Saves?

    good for what exactly? or do you mean ones that work?
  3. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    ya, Official Legacy -- Helena is the one that died at beta she was at 25k/1029 i believe @invincibleqc explained alot above, the 590 theriz are all his work and his line. we did get a mutation tho which will be announced at some point in the near future. ****seems i am quite late to post.....again
  4. [Bug?] Giga gathering severely nerfed

    fed last night at all camps, meat gathering seemed to take way longer than normal. i did specifically notice getting 2 meat from a wolf, on the island.
  5. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    12 were 10k/461 7 were 13920.1k/590
  6. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    shotguns cause more damage per shot but that doesn't equal higher damage per second. shotgun takes over 2 seconds longer to reload (4.3 VS Ar 2.18) and holds only 6 shots. an Ar holds 50 shots and takes maybe 8 seconds to fire all 50, shotgun takes at least that long for the 6. last few practice runs we had hit markers on, Ar was getting 66 damage per shot. eat shadow steak to get rid of recoil, put all 50 on him, thats 3300 damage every 10 seconds or so (8ish seconds to fire, 2.18 to reload). range is also superior -- you can maintain accuracy from the other side of the map if you choose. ammo is dirt cheap as well. we used a 285 Ar bp crafted with 1000%+ crafting character. some shooters were carrying shot guns, including myself...ya know, for close encounters
  7. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    you may be on to something there pretty sure she is from Spain lol
  8. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    LadyofHats tribe hatched and raised and imprinted ours, and the first batch all have "P" names -- Pimur, Pest Paco, PamPam, PrivatePirate to name just a few. PamPam is our favorite tho, she always got picked in practice by the guards -- she stays home now lol
  9. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    gratz -- think we had 4-5 for the 2 practice fights. as you well know each fight is different and anything can happen. as long as the players live and we get the saddles the theriz are pretty much expendable. that said, i have kinda grown attached to our pink death squad a lil, they are troop. my outlook towards them being expendable may change some once we are using a little better theriz and they are all personally imprinted.
  10. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    have killed it twice in practice already, lost 6 theriz the first time and several more the second time. will get in at least one night of practice runs on it before Sunday
  11. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    thanks, thats an interesting tactic -- think we will stick with theriz tho, little too late to change course of this ship
  12. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    i didnt either, i only said it wasnt on official. he is now proven true...officially lol
  13. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    not sure, took 4 of @fullmoon best to fill in for lost theriz on a practice run, just guessing 50k/900+ and they were the first to die *** edit what @Vrallox said, but i would think monster rex would still be viable.
  14. Officially killed Beta Dragon on Official

    please record that...took a horse named Banana accidentally on a practice run...and she lived