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  1. believe OP is referring to structure decay timers...probably
  2. @Demerus its funny so ill leave it but enough with the memes
  3. my point was merely that meshing in singleplayer is not a banning offense - i can do whatever i like in my singleplayer games - i will otherwise keep my opinions on the matter to myself.
  4. we will all show respect in this thread - name calling/insults are not need
  5. nah - add theriz to the map - would make more sense. besides if a kark drops an egg it should be able to breed right? who wouldnt want to find a theriz after running from a pack of rav's?
  6. still around just mostly lurking - and been really busy playing ark - and atlas lol
  7. as far as im aware its limited to 6 still
  8. ThzNutz


    should probably be reported in the correct area then there are a couple on the Official i play on that have mentioned crazy whistling but its not continuous - was related to volume adjustment and random when typing so idk. would def report it if it hasnt been though https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/pc-bug-reports/ ** pc link because OP is on pc
  9. you need to submit a bug report under Support - Report PC Bugs otherwise - validate game cache, make sure drivers and OS are fully updated, etc.
  10. unfortunately it no longer is your tribe - when you "deleted" it basically all that happened was you left that tribe. think of the "tribe" as a separate thing - and once created there really isnt any going back to how it was before, as everything becomes tribe owned. there are ways to limit some things, like having dinos personally owned - i believe they would've left the tribe with you but i cant say for sure, never tried it. i have over 6k hours in ark and i have always treated "tribe" the same way - sacred, not to be meddled with or changed ever - i wont even rename my tribe because i refuse to take any chances of losing stuff. i understand that you were not aware of how "tribe" functions and this happens a lot with new players. i have seen it many times on the officials i play on and i always give the same advice: - if you are solo, once you've created a tribe never ever leave that tribe for any reason. never join another tribe to "help out" - if you are around other players and see an invite to another tribe do not accept - just leave. being solo there is no one else to invite you back to the tribe if you leave - and as you've seen, the tribe will persist just fine with no members. i realize this is too late to help you though, and for that i am sorry - you can try submitting a support ticket if you are on Official (not Legacy) and they may be able to assist you. realistically though - its time to start over - its a hard lesson to learn but at least now you know. once tribe always tribe edit: as @d1nk said, if you are playing singleplayer you can get your tribe back with a couple simple admin cmds - quick google search will tell you how
  11. @xxhalounscsoliderxx you will need to seek support from the entity that enforced the ban - there is nothing that can be done through these forums and discussing bans isnt really something we do here.
  12. the OP has been advised how to handle their situation, further discussion isnt really necessary - just gonna lock this before we have someone describing exactly how to perform the offending action
  13. if this is happening on an Official server (ie: not legacy) then you may submit a support ticket to the enforcement team for a resolution. it would be beneficial if you have screenshots or evidence to substantiate your claims. hope everything works out for you
  14. this is the issue obviously - as stated in the OP that they are a pve player - a better response would've been "nothing can be done till WC does it" or something. telling someone that plays pve to play pvp isnt really a solution, as you evidently think. we have plenty of threads about tame cap for sure, and most are hijacked into pvp vs pve. this will not be one. maybe you should read again that is inflammatory, it is baiting the Op into a response and is flaming pve players. i ask that you explain yourself without outright trying to offend those of us that pve. i will again thank you for understanding...
  15. this is not a pvp vs pve thread - and @BaldBudgie slow that roll if you please - treat your fellow forum members with respect and kindness...baiting and flaming is bad and adds nothing to the conversation. we all appreciate your understanding in this matter.
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