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  1. Megachelon irrigation not working. Crop plots aren't being irrigated on its back. Dunno if it's crystal isles or just in general.
  2. The magmasaur saddle makes players immune to damage period.
  3. Lunar Biome? Does anyone know how to deal with the cold parts of the biome? I know you use hazmat for the sun. I want to live in the lunar but i dont feel like chugging medical brew every 5-10 minutes from dying of cold all the time.
  4. Its probably not intended but they can't swim in lava in other maps other than genesis and the island i believe. Not sure if there are others but currently some maps kill them in lava.
  5. Teleporting and Biomes. Right so teleporting freezes the game for a good amount of time, often causing death depending on biome and luck. Several areas just are fairly laggy. Mainly so far, the lunar biome and the lava zone. It's even worse in the magmasaur cave. Got killed from the amount of lag.
  6. Agreement, it honestly makes the beginning of the game not enjoyable.
  7. Iv had my dinos come with me, so probably just a issue with it in general. Unless the dino isnt fully on the ground they dont like to teleport. But on the same issue as hlna teleport. The game freezes and since they kick you off the dino when teleporting, causes for some unnecessary deaths. So either allow riding teleportation or fix the game freeze when teleporting.
  8. Gotta love the server Only events Oh wait thats right. Plenty of us play single player and this event is useless. I would have loved if we simply got the old event Normally I'm not one to complain i know WC works hard for our content. But with the lack of fear evolved I was hoping for at least the winter wonderland.
  9. Iv done single player transfer on PS4 and it does work. Iv even tranfered Dino’s and items.
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