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  1. I’d rather not, I don’t think NPCs are a good idea.
  2. We moved to the red wood forest and besides all the dangerous Dinos I’m loving it. I tamed a lvl 60 terror bird for travel and tamed an archaeopteryx, I was jumping off of rocks trying to find out how to glide when I realized it was a micro raptor! Any way we got a ton of metal to smelt for better tools and decided to turn a lake area into our base, really handy because it has a bunch of saber tooth salmon for prime fish and just normal fish meat for my baryonyx which is on really low health.
  3. No, we are naming all of our Dinos after spices and other foods, our spino is garlic, our baby trike is ginger and we just tamed a megalodon named jalapeño.
  4. We started upgrading my house and made plans for the second floor, we also tamed a pair of trikes and got terrorized by sea gulls. We started exploring the other way and knocked out a level 16 spino. It tamed out to 20 somthing, I know it’s not high by hey, it’s a spino. We also found a 108 barynoyx and decided to tame it, and it tamed out to around 150 also not much considering the wild max on my ark is 300. Later today we plan to find explorer notes until I can make a saddle for our baryonyx (we named him onion.)
  5. I found a purple drop in the glow tail cave.
  6. Took out a ton and didn’t get a single prime from the entire school (none of wich aggroed)
  7. We killed a megalodon XD. Also what’s up with the salmon they don’t school on me, and they also have never given me prime fish meat. So I usually leave them alone. P.S. Oh and also sometimes the one I hit doesn’t even attack me.
  8. Today we found a titantosaur on Cragg’s island and while trying to check the level our game quickly turned into a comedy, how long have therzinos been so common? And why are there so many compys and a Troodon (I think) and don’t get me started on the baryonyx... after all that we found it was level 4 and that there where a LOT of hostile Dinos where it was. But all in all it was pretty fun and we got a pelegornis tamed with prime fish meat (don’t ask me how long it took to get that.)
  9. WC needs to fix their old things before they make new things, usally I only see them respond to things that make the game unplayable (I. e. Crashing) and nothing else, But not this time. Can someone do anything to try to get the devs to see this?
  10. We tried both of those things, my brother could only open my gamer card and I almost died on a campfire.
  11. Hi, recently in the swamp I got a leech stuck to me and I couldn’t get it off, we tried another person stabbing it and we tried to burn it with a camp fire. None of these worked, does anyone know how to take them off for the future?
  12. Yes I would like an option, a permanently two legged spino would quite possibly make the spino my least favorite dino. (Besides seagulls and therzinos.)
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