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  1. SectorZero

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Built a small thatch hut only to have it destroyed by an alpha tribe
  2. SectorZero

    Started 82 slot Nitrado Ps4 pvp Server

    The server might get wiped again to change a few settings, I will notify you if I do
  3. Hey guy and gals. I've started a new nitrado ps4 pvp server that can hold up to 82 people, it has boosts such as each point in weight upgrades 50lbs. Other things like health,water,food,stamina, is upgraded 20 points for each skill point. I have only 1 server admin who edits the multipliers and boosts for me. But neither one of us use console commands. The Map is Ragnarok. And the server name is mature boosted. Hope to see you in the server.