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  1. Wouldn't have taken that much to displace the mission mobs if there's buildings detected in their spawn zone to either side of the buildings + 100 meters. AND allow turrets to target the mission mobs for defence and not give them amplified powers against buildings. Had a mission shadowmane do it's teleport attack inside a tek shield and destroy it, hit it for 5 million damage....
  2. So, another day, another nerf because of whiny pvp players. Soon the Astrodelphis will be completely useless, going the same way as Managarmr. A broken heap of mess compared to its former glorious awesomeness. If you're going to continue to cater to the pvp babies every whim then at least give us some server settings to undo the changes you make. Tired of spending time, energy & resources to tame, level and gear up a dino. And then the next day it's been all for naught... And aren't you devs yourself tired of this? You spend time and energy making these awesome creatures a
  3. Added a server config bool for Unofficial Servers to allow them to disable the GEN2 TEK Suit on spawn: bDisableDefaultMapItemSets=True (Game.ini)
  4. I agree they are annoying to tame, but they are also the end game tames of the whole game. So should be some challenge to them. Stryders makes farming materials a cake, and Shadowmanes seems to be new boss killers instead of rexes. When taming Shadowmanes I lift the one I wanna tame with a skiff to a taming pen so it's contained and I can quickly get away from it once I've fed it. Haven't bothered with the noglin yet as it's uses in pve seems meh, and haven't gotten around to getting mutagen for the voidwyrm.
  5. I had to enable the self healing from the options wheel on it, if you haven't tried that yet?
  6. Question about this boss after you beat him, do you have to stash your gear on the dinos or are you teleported back completely?
  7. Depends on how fleshed out it'll be. A lot of people will probably be disappointed that it's not as big as ARK when it comes to dinos, gears, buildings etc. So yeah, a big first wave and then some will return to ARK until ARK 2 has gotten it's fair share of patches and expansions to bring it up to about the same level as ARK. Even if we ignore the primitive level of gear and buildings limit I don't see ARK 2 being released with the same amount of dinos as ARK has. And truth be told for me that was the "Golden Age" of ARK, when they released a new dino every month or so, you'd get t
  8. Welp, accidentally hitting a knocked out dino isn't that far fetched. You have knocked out a dino, put in food and narcos. Waiting by it to use the narcos once torpor has dropped. While you wait you tab over to your browser on the other screen to browse random stuff, keeping an eye on the meter on the main screen. When it's close you 'by habit' move the cursor over to the main screen and click to select the game and Voila! You punched the dino..... Back when ARK was new and we didn't have super spyglass mod or the new taming interface so you could watch the torpor from a far then thi
  9. Seems fine on our servers. Sure you didn't punch the dino after you knocked it out?
  10. There was patch notes for v329.45 this morning and updated my servers to it then. Had the S+ bug then but after that it worked. v329.45 had something to do with a server crash involving the new mek and some exploit involving some of the new items I think, can't remember. Guessing that's why the notes were removed.. Or it was a buggy patch.
  11. Tested some more and I get a new set of skins every time I open a drop. Had the skins from before that is on the old armour but will try and remove those and put on the new ones.
  12. Yeah, play the game instead of hanging on the forums and youtube and so on. Only got yourself to blame.
  13. I transferred my old character and using the old Tek armour that I made from blueprints I'd gotten on Extinction because it has higher armour, so I ditched the new armour that you spawn with on Gen2. But the darn thing keeps respawning in my inventory... Not sure when it happens, could be when venturing into the space zone. So yeah, not a big deal but still annoying having to throw it away over and over and over....
  14. It changes at midnight ingame, random order. https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/-Space-_(Genesis:_Part_2)
  15. We mined element just fine last night on our unofficial cluster running v329.27. Saw recourses of the other types as well when it changed to those. If it's something only happening to official servers?
  16. Yeah this sounds nice together with a lightning wyvern so you can get the full lightning blast to hit, for example
  17. Not a pvp player, but any flyer with ranged weapons pose a threat to a golem or yut, since you know... they are stuck on the ground, out of range... Doesn't really matter is it takes 1 shot or 100. It's gonna die anyways. Also nothing stopping you from getting one yourself. Rather you should be happy, this way the emotional pain you'll feel will be a minimum. Your dinos will die quick and relative painless, and you won't run around in a panic wondering what to do during the hypothetical 100 shots, crying as your dinos are slowly dying in agony....
  18. I'd like to see them changed for PVE servers to be permanent tames and being able to eat on their own without having to force feed them every other day. Had one as a mobile base on my own server with the feeding enable, but lost it due to not being able to login for a couple of days because of irl. So it died. Got another orbed that we tamed but dunno when we'll put it to use. Maybe if there's a good mod that doesn't change anything except the eating behaviour.
  19. Tried some and they are ok, the buggy canoe ones were a pain. But the one that I didn't was chose your adventure, I think it was called. The general idea is good but the mode where you have to pick keys or whatever while being attacked is r'tarded because the spawn is endless and they respawn like 2 seconds after you kill one enemy. So trying to climb a ladder with a tapejara attacking and knocking you down made the mission impossible. Endless spawning enemies is the worst game mechanic ever and shouldn't be used.
  20. Really hope it's just for a starter like with ark and they'll add it later on with patches. I like the different stages we go through when leveling up a new char, from primitive, to more modern and then future sci-fi. With increased QOL along the way. And just as today you should be able to disable the stuff you don't like on your server. So if you wanna stop at primitive then go and do that!
  21. Indeed, this is something you do at least a week before release. Even more so considering there's a chance it'll fail and they gotta fix something, and then redo the certification. And this goes for anything, not just game development.
  22. Don't mind it being delayed so much as there's no communication from them. Is it hours away? Or is it another day? Is it worth waiting up for us in the EU?
  23. Yeah considering the track record for Wildcard then no point for us in the EU to sit up and wait Think it was Genesis, was supposed to be out by 19:00 for us in CET, then they postponed it to 22, and then to 2... Eventually I think it got released like 4 or 5 in the morning Managed to update my servers and create a character before heading to work heh.
  24. Heya, First there is a server admin part here on the forums for these questions: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/forum/39-server-administration/ Mod can probably move your topic for you. Second, have you asked any of your friends if they can see the server? For you yourself to be able to see it on your public IP your router needs to be able to support nat reflection (could be called something else, this is what its named on pfsense). Otherwise you'll only see the lan ip. You could also try some of the ark server browser websites and see if they can see the ser
  25. 1. Bigger maps with changing weather, should be a chance to have snow and heat in most middle zones and only the really extreme areas should always have it. 2. Better building system, dynamic sizes on foundations, walls etc with changeable costs in materials. It's scary that even after the home.. patch we still use s+ because it's so much better. 3. More fleshed out building items for each tier. For example right now we have wooden stools and tables, and that's it. The simplest of stuff. So even when one gets to metal or tek we can't maker nicer newer items that matches. Also more ad
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