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  1. Right you are Not something I pay attention as I rarely have the sounds that high, or music is overpowering it. Plus never really build in metal, always seem to jump from stone to tek. But only playing pve so maybe metal is more popular in pvp? An easier solution would just be to change the walking sound for metal foundation/ceiling, just lower the volume on that one sound effect alone? Instead of adding an item that players have to spend x amount of time crafting and placing all over their base. Christ on a stick, imagine having to repair and replace all of them after an attack....
  2. Devs always seemed really one-tenth assed about rp items. Like the rug they added with aberration, just seemed so random to add just that and nothing else. Not other shapes or sizes or really any other items in that category.. Really hope this changed with ARK 2 so we don't have to rely on mods for sooooo much that should have been part of the base game.
  3. Also something to look forward to is the behind the scenes motion capture, with Vin and the other actors/actresses doing their best standing poop pose!
  4. Found some in Fire Wyvern Trench at: 88.7 - 71.5 Mount Doom Caverns: 89.8 - 84.9 & 88.69 - 84.73 Haven't checked the other places yet. This is on an unofficial server though. Could just have been that someone farmed them before you got there.
  5. Santiago poop in the middle of whatever fight or action scene he'll be in. Because such is ARK life. Also any dino he's riding have to suddenly stop running to take a poop at any random time, even if chased by something really dangerous. Because such is ARK life. Wonder if there will be a specific facial expression for it... With all the new character models n what not...
  6. I've tamed one on fjordur, though I used a skiff to drop it into a taming pen and then drop the eggs on top of it.
  7. Right!? Not many wild dinos attacks a tamed wyvern except for the bigger ones, like a rex. Except the pego, that lil poop will fight anything! Effing Chihuahua dino.
  8. Easy to be scared that they are going to ruin ARK 2 with these limitations and new direction. Hope they'll show actual gameplay soon to relieve some of the worries the players have. Have lots of questions that I hope will be answered soon. Like the new modding system, hoping it won't limit PC mods just so they can all be released on consoles for example. Like how I think skryim mods on xbox can't have any outside assets... That would severely limit the game. Or that we on PC can skip the new mod system/website and install through a third party site like Nexus, or even get Steam Workshop back.
  9. Water in general is weird on Fjordur, to drink from the ocean you have to angle the camera just right at times. Or even go submerse yourself fully. Not enough to have it up to your waist even.
  10. Because then one player would just leave the tribe and spawn it for them to kill, and then rejoin and next player leave and repeat. But yeah, sucks there's a timer when you still need items to spawn them so shouldn't matter how quick you spawn and kill them.
  11. Maybe feed it dinos with higher drag weight? Spawn and kill a titanosaur and see if there's any difference.
  12. I'm curious what the creators intent for the hawk is regarding starter, middle or high player level tame? Because given the utility of the hawk I'd say it should be a starting pet, since that's when it'll suck if you die as it'll most likely be hard to get back to your body. But once you're at middle or high level then you'll have multiple flyers and other high level dinos so getting back your stuff is cake. And also by then you'll be using an otter for insulation since you'll either have flak/riot or tek armour which sucks at the warm and cold places. Since right now it's definitely not a starter tame, or even middle tame if you want a high level one. And you'd pretty much need two players since it's pretty scarce with big wild dinos in the areas. 3 brontos barely did anything for a level 150 hawk, and since the hawk will drop it's taming if they get hit by a wild dinos attack. Which is a big chance it will when trying to kill a bronto then yeah. Annoying tame. The player the hawk follows just have to stay put and another player brings in barely alive dinos. And then there's the fun of other hawks that you're not trying to tame that lands faster and eats first....
  13. I'm hoping it'll be like ARK 1 with their early access release. More modern stuff is added as they go and then finally tek stuff before the game is "fully" released. Also slightly worried it'll be more pvp focused because of the new combat system and forced third person perspective. Hoping they won't forget us that likes the pve/building/taming part. Would like to see more pve/rp building items. For example we have simple wood tables and benches. But nothing on modern or tek tier, looks weird having the mixed styles. Full tek base, and then you have a weak straw bed and wood bench... Eco's rp mods and others are great for this. But should be more rp items by default in the game. Btw, sucks the community let Eco down so she stopped her mods...
  14. Seems very wonky right now. Tried several but the taming progress seems to reset at random. Closest I've gotten is 94%.
  15. I'm more worried about building and actually using things indoors. Always wonky with the camera indoors on third person games. And this is a bigger part of the game for a lot of players than player combat. I do hope they don't make the game slower than ark is today in regards to opening storage and such. Comparing to Conan Exiles for example, always a slog going back to that game after having played ark. Will see how it is in the first gameplay videos, but history of third person games don't leave me with a lot of hope.
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