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  1. How do you live in aberration single player?

    I got to the lake and started building there. On one side there are paths from the lake leading up to a road. So built a taming pen in one of those paths. Doorways out of stone(ravagers destroy wood), with a ramp on one side for the dinos to run up on and get trapped. Managed to tame a bunch of ravagers that way. Then started breeding them right away so I have a guard pack for the base and one pack with me when exploring. Love them since they can run on zip lines so can go pretty much wherever as long as I bring enough zip lines with me But yeah, died tons of times before I got to this place. My absolute first spawn in Aberration lasted 3 seconds before raptors ate my face, the 'wake up' animation didn't finished playing even
  2. Indeed, it'd actually be cheaper for me to go buy the xbox or playstation version here. Throw the game away and keep the items... *Feels the love as a PC user*
  3. Yeah seriously.... Why use UPS when it's insanely expensive? Shipping costs more than the product itself.
  4. So what did you do in ARK today?

    I put a tek forcefield on a quetz, then proceeded to the wyvern trench. (Playing on a modded server so it's the S+ version) Slowly taking my time to pick up all the eggs, of course I took breaks to dance around naked while singing Can't touch this! Poor wyverns couldn't do anything but watch as I stole their offspring....
  5. PIPES omg they suck

    S+ has flexible pipes and wires. Can also hide them completely, or as Comdriver mention, integrate it into the buildings themselves.
  6. Best shoulder Dino?

    Nope, works for heat as well. Not as good as cold but still a fair bit.

    Had the same problem with the Manticore on Ragnarok, it's a really cheap mechanic that it refuses to land. Either remove it so once it lands it stays down, or let us bring in the big flyers so we can attack it in the air.
  8. ppl using the platform as a parking lot

    Can do boss summoning with the S+ version of the tek transmitter, so.... just another reason why unofficial is better
  9. Guessing they screwed up the numbers. Was probobly supposed to be 270.1 instead of 271.1. Just got another update that changed it to 271.0, which didn't help at all since the servers are still on 270....
  10. "Chainsaws can no longer be used while running"

    Did the chainsaw hurt that much in PVP? Because it seemed weak against dinos the few times I've tried it out so dunno why they made this change? For us on PVE it's another time sink, not much but a second here, a second there having to stop and use it to gather wood, hide, whatever. Haven't tried it since the change but can it still be used while mounted on say, a beaver? And still move?
  11. Most Creative Dino Names

    Usually name a certain species after tv shows, for example all my dire bears are named after characters from The West Wing. My thylacoleos are named after Star Trek Voyager characters, B'Elanna being my go to since she's the biggest and baddest alpha bitch of them all My sharks is named after Eureka characters.... And so on
  12. I wanted to report some success on bosses

    Because it's fun to try new things. Always bringing rexes is boring Done an allo army myself that took down the Ragnaros bosses on beta, gonna try ankys next just for the heck of it. Though I play on unofficial servers so bit easier for me.
  13. Cementing past

    Lots of critters on the volcano if you wanna do the old way with chitin. Other than that I don't understand your problem with the dams, I get about 2-3K from a run of clearing all the beaver dams. Sure you're not missing some of them?
  14. Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    Excellent, I know it's a long shot, but could there perhaps be a chance of being able to do ingame stuff with this in the future? I'm thinking mostly about imprinting, make a silly minigame of it. For example if the dino wants to go for a walk then you have to use the GPS and actually walk 500 meters or something like that for it to trigger Those of us stuck at work or whatever could at least get one imprint done during lunch n such.
  15. Please let me tame aliens

    Since it looks like it's aliens of some kind behind all this, please let them be tamable! Then I can build a pit with a bunch of wild stuff trapped, carnos, snakes, sabers etc. Force breed the aliens and then make the tamed parents watch as I throw their young ones into the pit to fight for their lives. For poop n giggles!