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  1. Gelantious


    Oh I've had this bug some time ago, probably over a year or so ago. Never did find out what caused the canteen to fubar, had to throw it away and craft new ones. As for drinking, try picking up the tap and placing it again?
  2. Which setting is it that needs to be changed for this? Cheers!
  3. PC, running my own dedicated server. And yeah have mods. Only the original canvas is bugged, the ones from Eco RP mod works fine and those are the ones we mostly use. I only tried the original one because of this thread so not really bothered but still something the devs should look at.
  4. Well, have this problem with canvases being backwards as well.
  5. Yeah this is a stupid change. At least give us that run our own servers the abilities to set the drag weights ourselfs.
  6. Have to start your server with commandline: -ActiveEvent=XXXXX -ActiveEvent=Easter -ActiveEvent=FearEvolved -ActiveEvent=Summer -ActiveEvent=TurkeyTrial Can't remember what the winter one is, but it'll probably be posted once it goes live.
  7. Well no duh All the fun stuff have been disabled on the official servers.
  8. Quetz gunship vs Ice Wyvern overspawn bug So yeah, we decided to have some fun with the overspawn bug on Ragnarok Both client and then server crashed at the end here When we got back on, the server had reverted to a save just before we reached the field. So made another, smaller attempt
  9. Ice wyverns only seem to be overspawning for us, do have the classic flyers mod. But it doesn't change the ice wyverns. Classic Flyers response
  10. Yes please, some change/buff would be nice. Also give back the knockout effect for titan/golem. That was literally the only use one had for the tek saddles before. And what happen to the wyvern tek saddle? It showed up in the dev kit so long ago and was said to have some other effect then the usual pew pew laser.
  11. The question: What type of player do you most identify as? Is lacking an builder alternative, none of the answers really suit me or my friends. Really seem like you (Wildcard) is underestimating the builder community and think everyone is about the action parts of the game....
  12. Everything except boosted rates since that's something that can happen every other time of the year.
  13. Really hope new character models is part of the QoL catalog It's desperately needed, more so then any dino tlc.
  14. Have this problem as well on my servers. The turrets are set to wild dinos only but still shot players, doesn't do any damage as pve rules are on, but it's annoying and wasting ammo. Having searched about it, it seems to be a problem that comes n goes. Seeing reports about it all the way back in 2016.
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