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  1. Gelantious

    Why can't we set up teleporters on aberration

    Got S+ running on my servers with teleports enabled, if you've bothered to get tek stuff up and running then you should be able to use it. Same with the tek armour and radiation, I'm on the fence about installing a mod that will enable rad protection. Only hold off in hopes that they'll change it officially. Super easy to get hazmat suit compared to tek armour so yeah, not seeing why it shouldn't have that protection. Yes for low levels it should be hard and dangerous to move about the map, but once you're high level and got drakes n what not then it's not dangerous at all, just takes time....
  2. Gelantious

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    It's a shame it is its own version instead of being able to play on pc servers. Kinda missed opportunity there, being able to check on your tames n what not even when away from home, also could have been a good chance to port it to switch(though Nin would have to allow crossplay for it).
  3. Gelantious

    Manticore never lands?

    Haven't done it on SE but you can bring in flyers there I think? But yeah, it's a cheap mechanic. Does the same on ragnarok so been avoiding doing that boss battle until this is sorted, been like this for a long time now.
  4. Gelantious

    Strategy for farming nameless venom?

    I use a crab, grab and hold the glowing one in one claw and kill the rest with the other. Since the glowing one is alive they'll just keep spawning for me.
  5. Gelantious

    Config to make Rock Drakes downloadable?

    I run my own cluster of island, scorched, ragnarok and aberration and I have transferred a drake from aberration to the island. Haven't tried the other maps though. Have the same config as you I think (can't check, at work right now) except for the last line, crossarkallow.... Didn't know it was a thing as I haven't tried to transfer dinos to aberration yet.
  6. - TEK Tapejara no longer inflicts raid damage (how you inflict torpor on titan, krab, and golem) Could you at least make this a server setting? This is basically the only role the tapejara has on PVE, and if someone invests in its saddle and the elements then I think it's fair use. Also some other suggestions/improvements for TEK on PVE, like the shield and sword. Make the shield reflect damage back when blocking PVE creatures, or not drain it's durability but rather element when blocking. Or make a small shield sphere like the shield generator that one or two allies could stand in, drain 1% element per second or something while it was up. Not being able to move while it's active. As for the sword, it's damage is super weak compared to the normal metal version considering ascendant versions are easier to get compared to the tek version. The charge isn't enough, since you'll most likely have the TEK gloves anyways for such mobility. So improve the damage when using element, or add a stun function or a burn dot to it's attacks. Right now I feel that a lot of TEK is aimed squarely towards PVP that it's completely useless for PVE players.
  7. Gelantious

    Building restrictions

    S+ just updated and added configs to enable building in the restricted areas. ARK would be a terrible game if not for orionsun.
  8. Gelantious

    Building restrictions

    Wanted to build a base at the bottom (where you can find the black pearls) to setup a teleporter (s+) so I don't have to dive down and climb up on a drake seventyeleven times a day. But just like the easiest starting location it seems building is blocked there. So... any server commands to enable this? Rather bothersome that large parts of the map is blocked like this.
  9. Gelantious

    How does this work?

    Knockback and bad turning can easily mess up AI controlled dinos.
  10. Gelantious

    Getting to the lower levels on Aberration?

    Tame a crab, they survive down there. Being able to jump makes it easier to get around, and trash dinos ignore you so don't have to fight every two steps you take.
  11. Gelantious

    still with the pillaring issues

    You only say that because you haven't explored the map, there's loads of metal.... As for OP, just give up on official servers. You'll save your mental health.
  12. Gelantious

    Rolling Rats:) Wrong Material reduction

    The weight reduction was a disappointment, have to bring a ravager to unload the wood onto when using the rat.
  13. Gelantious

    How do you live in aberration single player?

    I got to the lake and started building there. On one side there are paths from the lake leading up to a road. So built a taming pen in one of those paths. Doorways out of stone(ravagers destroy wood), with a ramp on one side for the dinos to run up on and get trapped. Managed to tame a bunch of ravagers that way. Then started breeding them right away so I have a guard pack for the base and one pack with me when exploring. Love them since they can run on zip lines so can go pretty much wherever as long as I bring enough zip lines with me But yeah, died tons of times before I got to this place. My absolute first spawn in Aberration lasted 3 seconds before raptors ate my face, the 'wake up' animation didn't finished playing even
  14. Indeed, it'd actually be cheaper for me to go buy the xbox or playstation version here. Throw the game away and keep the items... *Feels the love as a PC user*
  15. Yeah seriously.... Why use UPS when it's insanely expensive? Shipping costs more than the product itself.