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  1. Haven't seen any more than just that single one right after the update. It was tamed and orbed and kept away for now by us admins. Unofficial server cluster with mods, running same mods and settings on all maps but no reports of one showing up on any of the other maps. Difficulty is set to 5, never seen any other above 150 / 180. Not counting the dungeon stuff that isn't tameable. None of the mods we're running changes rexes either. Seems weird it spawned in the same area for everyone as well.
  2. We found a level 410 rex after the last server patch and did a dino wipe. So yeah, something is up with this map.. http://mmmkay.se/images/ARK/20220106010546_1.jpg
  3. Worked for me last night with the v342.2 patch, killed two alpha rexes and one alpha tuso. Got chibi xp from all. One rex was killed by my lightning wyvern, the other by tek rifle and tuso by my own tuso. Unofficial lost island.
  4. This, with a chem bench and you're set. Plus the polymer from them as well so win win.
  5. Only map that had crops growing wild was Ragnarok, that I can think of. Haven't seen them on any other. Though haven't really been looking since it's dirt easy to grow them, in the dirt...
  6. Waiting on this as well, guessing they forgot to upload that version to steam and only use it for the official servers. Been trying to update every couple of hours since they posted it.
  7. Curious if the dino levels are meant to be low or if it's a bug? Had it on extinction as well I think, like 90% of all wild dinos are level 5, 10, 15. Very few goes up to 45 or so. Finding one over 100 is super rare... Done a couple of dino wipes but still keep spawning super low level ones.
  8. Map maker that's messing with us? Kept hearing wolf howling at night near one of the easy start zones, really freaked me out. But guessing it's just random background sounds
  9. Wouldn't have taken that much to displace the mission mobs if there's buildings detected in their spawn zone to either side of the buildings + 100 meters. AND allow turrets to target the mission mobs for defence and not give them amplified powers against buildings. Had a mission shadowmane do it's teleport attack inside a tek shield and destroy it, hit it for 5 million damage....
  10. So, another day, another nerf because of whiny pvp players. Soon the Astrodelphis will be completely useless, going the same way as Managarmr. A broken heap of mess compared to its former glorious awesomeness. If you're going to continue to cater to the pvp babies every whim then at least give us some server settings to undo the changes you make. Tired of spending time, energy & resources to tame, level and gear up a dino. And then the next day it's been all for naught... And aren't you devs yourself tired of this? You spend time and energy making these awesome creatures a
  11. Added a server config bool for Unofficial Servers to allow them to disable the GEN2 TEK Suit on spawn: bDisableDefaultMapItemSets=True (Game.ini)
  12. I agree they are annoying to tame, but they are also the end game tames of the whole game. So should be some challenge to them. Stryders makes farming materials a cake, and Shadowmanes seems to be new boss killers instead of rexes. When taming Shadowmanes I lift the one I wanna tame with a skiff to a taming pen so it's contained and I can quickly get away from it once I've fed it. Haven't bothered with the noglin yet as it's uses in pve seems meh, and haven't gotten around to getting mutagen for the voidwyrm.
  13. I had to enable the self healing from the options wheel on it, if you haven't tried that yet?
  14. Question about this boss after you beat him, do you have to stash your gear on the dinos or are you teleported back completely?
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