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  1. You have to set the console key in the settings, and possibly enable it as well in the settings. Are you sure about the public IP? Your ISP doesn't use CGNAT or something stupid like that? Tried a port checker to see if they are actually open?
  2. We're still mostly testing on our own server, the game isn't stable for a lot of people with frequent CTD's. Plus a lot of server settings aren't working, that and the fair amount of bugs means people don't wanna spend a lot of time in this game right now. Also waiting on some QoL mods that we're so accustomed to from ARK SE that it's annoying to play right now. And of course there are still lots of other games to play, Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077, Baldurs Gate 3, Starfield, are all games I'm still running. And then there's the next seasons of World of Warcraft coming next week. ARK ASA had it's 15 minutes of fame....
  3. Before in old ARK the server files were delayed an hour on steam, but now it seems to be around 10+ hours. Gonna suck when the client and server versions aren't compatible...
  4. If you can't orb/cryo dinos then you'll reach that limit very quickly when taming & breeding to get high stats for raid dinos. Or just for breeding to get mutated colours for players that like that.
  5. Well, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that you guys just ignored us and not mention anything about hosting our own unofficial servers. Taking 5 minutes to clarify if it's something that will come or not is too much to ask it would seem...
  6. Running a full cluster of all the maps on nitrado for 1 year costs more than buying your own server that's capable of hosting it yourself. This is insane.... Gonna suck having to find a new game if they really kill ark with this.
  7. We're all waiting with buying this to see how it plays out with the server part. It's a deal breaker if we can't host our own servers on our own hardware.
  8. As long as we can change it on our own servers then go nuts. I do understand the reason behind it, but that is only relevant for pvp and low level pve. Once you're high enough and gotten some gear that you can literally knock a raptor out with your hands then it's just annoying to run slow. Even more so when doing the daily stuff around the base, don't want to waste any more time that needed. And with the daily chores in mind I really hope S+ will be converted to ASA, gonna miss the QoL stuff otherwise...
  9. Not like Wildcard hasn't gone back on their "word" before, as other devs have. If they are short on money then I can see them doing further stupid things like making it an exclusive epic store game or such... The whole overwolf for mods is borderline deal breaker for us. Won't be buying it until we have more information, and hopefully we can still load mods on pc outside of overwolf for our own servers. We don't need more bloated spyware crap on our systems.
  10. It's a fun dino to mess around with for sure, but the more practical use is sadly limited. Like so many other dinos... Most dinos I only tamed when they just came, was part of the gameplay back then when a new patch dropped with a new dino. Watch the video they'd release with it and then you'd go hunt for it! New and exciting! Fast forward today and most of them just don't have any use. Some were useful when first released, but then another took its place. Either being better and/or easier to get. Hoping they'll go over and update all dinos with the remake so they'll have some use, even for when you're high level.
  11. Seems a bit better, even though you just shifted the expansions for ark 2 so the price will be the same... But get rid of overwolf. We don't want anything to do with that spyware infested buggy software. Go back to steam workshop. If crossplay has to go because of it then so be it, that will be turned off anyways for my unofficial servers.
  12. Still holding out that this is all a joke gone wrong. But if it's not the yeah, curious how the mods will work since everyone needs the same mods. Does just the server owner have to pay or do all the players joining have to pay? That will pretty much make payable mods unusable outside of singleplayer. Paying for a nice mod skin, then logon and nope. No one can see it and you can't use it, because the server isn't running that mod. Waste of money. And crossplay will be turned off for any unofficial PC server running mods if the mods have to be checked before being released on consoles since that would make it a huge delay when pushing updates. Can you imagine an update to a popular mod like S+, then taking 1-2 weeks to get verified to work on consoles before being released. And wops, there was a bug, instead of just pushing an update right away, that now needs another 1-2 weeks before it's out. No, that just won't do. And yeah the 1-2 weeks is just my guess, but knowing MS/Sony then I can see that as being true, if not longer even... Just 1 day would be enough to make this a hard pass.
  13. I'm curious what the creators intent for the hawk is regarding starter, middle or high player level tame? Because given the utility of the hawk I'd say it should be a starting pet, since that's when it'll suck if you die as it'll most likely be hard to get back to your body. But once you're at middle or high level then you'll have multiple flyers and other high level dinos so getting back your stuff is cake. And also by then you'll be using an otter for insulation since you'll either have flak/riot or tek armour which sucks at the warm and cold places. Since right now it's definitely not a starter tame, or even middle tame if you want a high level one. And you'd pretty much need two players since it's pretty scarce with big wild dinos in the areas. 3 brontos barely did anything for a level 150 hawk, and since the hawk will drop it's taming if they get hit by a wild dinos attack. Which is a big chance it will when trying to kill a bronto then yeah. Annoying tame. The player the hawk follows just have to stay put and another player brings in barely alive dinos. And then there's the fun of other hawks that you're not trying to tame that lands faster and eats first....
  14. I'm hoping it'll be like ARK 1 with their early access release. More modern stuff is added as they go and then finally tek stuff before the game is "fully" released. Also slightly worried it'll be more pvp focused because of the new combat system and forced third person perspective. Hoping they won't forget us that likes the pve/building/taming part. Would like to see more pve/rp building items. For example we have simple wood tables and benches. But nothing on modern or tek tier, looks weird having the mixed styles. Full tek base, and then you have a weak straw bed and wood bench... Eco's rp mods and others are great for this. But should be more rp items by default in the game. Btw, sucks the community let Eco down so she stopped her mods...
  15. Seems very wonky right now. Tried several but the taming progress seems to reset at random. Closest I've gotten is 94%.
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