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  1. So do we PC users get a collectors edition as well or what? Also why oh why gamestop? It's THE worst game store in the world....
  2. Wild dinos may bite through and hit your dinos on the other side, especially if your dinos are set to neutral so they'll run up to the wall. A wild brontos tail swipe will hit stuff on the other side of a wall for example, or used to at least.
  3. Would be neat if the place filled with lava and destroyed anything there. And.... the lava brings up rare mats that can be harvested once and then you have to wait until the next eruption. Like an alternative way to get elements rather than boss fighting, but still limited.
  4. Yeah, been avoiding the deep parts for just this reason after almost having a plesi killed by stun locking. Managed to kill the jellys with a crossbow, though think my plesi had like 100 hp left or so after..... They need to add diminishing returns on the stuns.
  5. Watching the video I kept thinking "They better have S+ here... When is S+ gonna show... Damnit, if they didn't pick S+....." Saving the best for last I guess S+ should be made a part of the main game sooner rather than later. Also his Snappy Saddles should be added.
  6. Haven't tried it but if it's the same as prime then a chainsaw is the way to go.
  7. All that have low weight, having to put away EVERYTHING you have on you just to ride it is annoying. Even more so when it's something that isn't a "starter tame", at least if it was something you'd tame right at the start I could understand it. Hoping the inventory system and/or the weights will be updated in the future.
  8. Was doing the "running quick on water" thing last night, ran out of element while running and couldn't turn with the mouse from then on. The mouse worked in the inventory n such, but couldn't turn my char. Grabbed another element and started the running thing again and that undid the lock.
  9. Visor was supposed to be an updated, better version of the spyglass. See levels n such of dinos etc. But not all tek items have been released yet so may be in the next patch.
  10. Run my own server so have grab enabled on PVE. Been able to knockout everything, but it takes time. Just grab and wait.... No need to use the left attack button. The only problem I've had is that you can't dismount because then the target is set free, so if you're attacked by anything else then you have to let go of the target and kill them, then grab the target again. Anglers are especially annoying here.....
  11. Might be a major headache depending on how they work.... Right now it's a hassle with dinos getting stuck on rocks, trees n what not.... Imagine how a jeep or whatever would be, unless they make it so it just destroys everything it runs over. Otherwise it'd only be usable on the beaches, and desert, depending on the map.
  12. Stash the gear beforehand and respawn when logging in again Doing that on the nomad chars I have that live on rafts, since the body has a terrible habit of ending up in the water if another player flies by...
  13. A trike, or other dino with a knockback and a small hill is an easy way to deal with alpha raptors Just push them down and wait for them to run up again, repeat. Time it and they'll never hit you.
  14. Honestly, they should just pay that guy and include his mods by default. As the QoL improvements his mods brings are worth it. Just the platform saddle one, being able to build directly on the platform without the need to down foundations first is such a simple but great thing that the ark devs should have done that from day 1 of when platform saddles were added. Would have been way better to hire him than "The Center map" guy.
  15. Metal dino gates, setup 3 of them and a large bear trap in advance. Lure the giga into them, and then as it's stuck in the trap you place another gate to seal it in. Be sure to have enough HP on your quetz or whatever flyer you're using in case it gets a hit or two in on you. Fairly large range so be careful when placing the last gate. There should be several videos on youtube that displays this tactic.