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  1. Really hope new character models is part of the QoL catalog It's desperately needed, more so then any dino tlc.
  2. Have this problem as well on my servers. The turrets are set to wild dinos only but still shot players, doesn't do any damage as pve rules are on, but it's annoying and wasting ammo. Having searched about it, it seems to be a problem that comes n goes. Seeing reports about it all the way back in 2016.
  3. Can be done with others, seen people do it with a bunch of ankys for example. I've used allos on the ragnarok bosses just for fun. Of course it was harder and lost a bunch of them, but it's possible. Sadly for farm then rexes is the way to go. Would be neat if the bosses could dynamically change(damage/health wise) depending on the dinos going in, but balancing that and not having it being exploited would be hard....
  4. Is there a limit to how many of them there can be at the same time on a server?
  5. If you don't like it how people run their own unoffical servers then you are totally free to pay up and either buy or rent your own server. Nothing is stopping you.
  6. Yeah tried one mek, nevermind the stupid hitbox n what not. But eating element like it's candy, and then being destroyed because it ran out of element when I was logged out.... Yeah nuts to that. Will wait for the sdk and hopefully someone will fix it with mods. Hopefully let us upgrade it as well so it's not completely useless in fights as well. Far cheaper to just use a dino to kill stuff.
  7. What's the big flying thing? Really hope it's something bigger than a quetz, and that it can have a platform saddle. And a non-flyaway hover mode so could have a flying base!
  8. It's a shame it is its own version instead of being able to play on pc servers. Kinda missed opportunity there, being able to check on your tames n what not even when away from home, also could have been a good chance to port it to switch(though Nin would have to allow crossplay for it).
  9. - TEK Tapejara no longer inflicts raid damage (how you inflict torpor on titan, krab, and golem) Could you at least make this a server setting? This is basically the only role the tapejara has on PVE, and if someone invests in its saddle and the elements then I think it's fair use. Also some other suggestions/improvements for TEK on PVE, like the shield and sword. Make the shield reflect damage back when blocking PVE creatures, or not drain it's durability but rather element when blocking. Or make a small shield sphere like the shield generator that one or two allies could stand in, drain 1% element per second or something while it was up. Not being able to move while it's active. As for the sword, it's damage is super weak compared to the normal metal version considering ascendant versions are easier to get compared to the tek version. The charge isn't enough, since you'll most likely have the TEK gloves anyways for such mobility. So improve the damage when using element, or add a stun function or a burn dot to it's attacks. Right now I feel that a lot of TEK is aimed squarely towards PVP that it's completely useless for PVE players.
  10. Indeed, it'd actually be cheaper for me to go buy the xbox or playstation version here. Throw the game away and keep the items... *Feels the love as a PC user*
  11. Yeah seriously.... Why use UPS when it's insanely expensive? Shipping costs more than the product itself.
  12. I put a tek forcefield on a quetz, then proceeded to the wyvern trench. (Playing on a modded server so it's the S+ version) Slowly taking my time to pick up all the eggs, of course I took breaks to dance around naked while singing Can't touch this! Poor wyverns couldn't do anything but watch as I stole their offspring....
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