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  1. Gelantious

    Tek Armor

    Yes, also against the mushroom clouds n whatnot in Aberration.
  2. Nah, SS is a fork of S+ with their own changes and structures added. A worse one in my eyes, glad I stayed with S+ on my cluster. On topic, wish they'd add a server setting to allow element transfer on unofficial servers.
  3. Sucks what happened to you, truly. I would recommend you to take a look at unofficial servers, lots of options with various settings and mods that could suit your playstyle. And usually more active admins that actually helps the players instead of ignoring them... Granted there are rotten eggs there as well, but less so on pve servers. Search around and I'm sure you'll find a happy home!
  4. Do the grenade damage increase with melee on the Trop? Otherwise I think it'll be really weak and you'll need hundreds of grenades..
  5. Anyone know if you can bring the normal wyverns inside? And if the queen is also immune to their breaths? Thinking lightning wyverns would be the best here if she's not immune.
  6. I agree it sucks that so much cool stuff is locked behind the raids which limits solo/small tribes. Should be alternative ways to unlock them. We use mods on our servers to unlock the tek stuff as you level up for now. I think it's a cool dino/animal, and it's fun to do bombing runs and blasting stuff with the turrets. BUT, that lasts about 10 minutes in PVE. After that our whales got orbed and put into storage. Sadly it's just another PVP animal, would have been awesome if there was an alternative saddle that allowed for more building! A flyer alternative to Megachelon for
  7. Was a 130 tropical and 150 blood.
  8. I tamed both tropical and blood ones with primal crystals just fine last night. But I didn't hop on their back and instead flew after on an argy and feed them when they landed. Unofficial on my own dedicated server.
  9. Gelantious


    Joshua trees in the desert drop it. Sap can be rarely gathered by harvesting the Joshua trees (the "furry" ones) with any tier of Pickaxe and hatchet or a chainsaw to get a larger amount per tree.
  10. Would like this, it's a bit silly to have a TEK base and then place primitive wooden tables and chairs.... Granted I have some mods that do add some better stuff, like ECO's rp mod. But could still use more!
  11. They are found deep down so gotta dive a bit to see them, then lure them up to the turtle you want to tame. You can trap the turtle, but beware that fishs will still spawn and attack the swarm during the taming process so gotta kill those. The trap may protect against the megalodons n such that would attack the turtle itself.
  12. If it's true the cannon ball goes through the head and into the body then perhaps you can angle it so far up and shot the underside of the head maybe? Can't remember how much you can angle it, or maybe some trick flying with the skiff to angle it
  13. Have to protect the swarm against fishs that will attack and eat it during the taming.
  14. No they will never attack another player on pve. You have to lock yourself inside a house to be safe.
  15. Aye it should You should have an anchor dino set to passive that the guard dino is following. That way it'll return after dealing with a threat. Also if you're on pve then other players can't attack you. But beware of griefers leading stuff onto you. Like a titan and then have it's aoe attack land on your guard dino, which then will attack in return and cause the titan to destroy everything you have.
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