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  1. Having a similar issue in Singleplayer. There are a handful of creatures on the hill near the entrance of the Aberration cave but once I get far enough in there's just practically nothing
  2. I've noticed something similar. When I throw the bola it just instantly vanishes with the particle effect and sound as if it had impacted terrain and is conpletely useless. Makes taming Ravagers or Aberrant Raptors a fair bit harder
  3. It looks like it would walk in a similar fashion to the aliens in chicken little (their robots not the actual fuzzy dudes inside), the limbs bending around and grasping as it walks rather than a precise gait
  4. Good lord I know they're everywhere! Easy meat with a good Rex though.
  5. Wildcard, can y'all fix the Valguero spawns please? Singleplayer here. I love Valguero, I think it's a really neat map, but the spawn rates of certain creatures are wonky as raptor. After the initial 2 that I came across, one of which I killed because it was low level and the other despawned, I have yet to encounter any more Gigas, even after running a destroywilddinos command and just murdering things in the areas Gigas are meant to spawn for ages. Big creatures (Plesio, Mosa, Tuso) down in the Underworld Ocean still barely spawn, I got lucky finding a high-level Plesio earl
  6. Honestly, nah. I like the blueprints. Sure I wish getting them was a bit less RNG but still. Like a lot of people, there are certain items (namely the higher tier guns) that I usually don't even bother to craft until I find a better blueprint for them than just the primitive ones I can make by hand, and under your new system I would have to waste inordinate amounts of resources crafting subpar pieces of gear that I'm not intending to use, until I can finally make a good one.
  7. I own both the PC and Xbox versions and I gotta say the Xbox controls for Ark are godawful. SO yeah either mousse and keyboard support or revamp the UI/Controls to be less garbage.
  8. Clearly a huge reason why people are opposed to a server wipe to level the playing field is how much time and effort they have to invest to make progress in this game and they don't want it erased, which is a fair point, it takes a long time to progress in Ark on default settings. Now let's compare Ark PvP to a similar game, like Rust. Rust's servers get wiped either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the server, so no one is the "Alpha" forever and there are regular opportunities for everyone to start on a level playing field and see how far they can get before server reset, now Rust d
  9. I think a good compariaon to make would be Ark PvP to Rust. Rust, depending on which server you pick, wipes the servers either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, so when you go into a PvP server you know full well that after a set amount of time everything will be gone anyway, so you focus on the most fun part of PvP, THE PVP. The issue official Ark PvP has is that it takes bloody long to accomplish things that people are afraid of losing their progress, so if wildcard were to start wiping the official servers regularly they would also have to hugely reduce the amount of time necessary to tame stuf
  10. Yeah I drowned one and the other presumably despawned since I never saw it again. Ran a destroywilddinos command to reset all the wild creature spawns and still nothing. I'm on PC btw so I guess this is a broader issue with the game itself and not a fluke of my world save. Prob has something to do with other spawns also being broken (Wyverns, Large Deep Sea Creatures). After I wiped all the wild animals new Wyverns spawned in the trenches but before I did that the trench had been mysteriously devoid of Wyverns for a good minute.
  11. Singleplayer Valguero. 50x tame speed 2x resources and 8x XP since I only have so much time. Been taming Rexes left and right to try to get a good breeding pool started for colors and stats, got an Event one over the summer and he stands proudly at the head of the pack with his 'murica hat upon his head. Been hunting Gigas but I think my save may be bugged as none after the first 2 I saw after starting the map seem to have spawned. Can't seem to get good level Wyvern eggs despite the existence of high level Wyverns within the trench, have sacrificed a lot of Pteranodons for ultimately garbage
  12. You don't even need to Spawn the Broodmother, she just spawns on the map at the entracne to the Spider Cave in the Redwoods.
  13. Good lord I do not want bred Griffins. Remember how strong they were pre-nerf? Some psycho could dive out of the sky on one and instantly wipe out half your tames and be gone again before you had any chance to even see them coming. Breeding would bring this garbage back as people just boost the crap out of their damage, and I certainly don't like the idea of a Griffin getting a random stat mutation into Movement Speed and become even harder to hit than they already are.
  14. I'm on single player and I've seen plenty of normal Leeds, an Alpha Leeds, 2 Plesios (tamed one , killed the other), a single Mosasaur (low level, killed it) and no Tusos. Also having the issue where no more Wyverns seem to be spawning. WC please fix.
  15. About the "no danger". The second one on your list had a Mosasaur and a large number of Eurypterids in the area. nothing my level 250 Plesio couldn't handle but just something to note. there were a couple Megs and Mantas around first location. will post more if I find anything
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