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  1. I'm actually starting a small casual PvP sever in January with a few people. Aiming for something very similar to what you described. If you and your buddies still play message me and we can see if the server sounds interesting to you. Looking to have 4 tribes of 2-4 players per tribe. We won't have c4, rockets, or auto turrets and will need to use siege machines from ckf mod we are using (need to be steam players to use mods) Flyers aren't rideable so progression will be slowed abit and make resource gathering little more intere
  2. Greetings, Looking for tribes for new server. I am starting up a server for January 1, 2021. The goal of this server is to provide people with PVE and some "casual" PVP. Most servers the PVP is to hardcore and smaller tribes just get wiped and rolled over, on this server no such thing will happen. PVP will be on 24/7, but there will be rules so that people can still enjoy PVE aspects of the game as well and don't feel overwhelmed by PVP. There will be no base or dino wiping There will be limit to how much you can destroy during a raid There will be loot limits from raiding T
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