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  1. stop giving us freakin dino updates for the new map and give us actual game updates. Wipe classic already forcing us to play a 6 month classic season server already dead
  2. Give us updates on things that are actually going on like classic we dont care about this other stuff
  3. can yall please just wipe classic already server are dead. Like 60-70 players are on the cluster thats so small compared to first month numbers. Give us a wipe tired of fighting cheaters for content. GIVE US CONQUEST ALREADY
  4. Probably right but not everyone has the times that comes with having to play small tribes which is why i enjoy the 25 man cluster i dont have to be online as if it was a full time job. But this is a classic thread so i dont really care about smalls xd
  5. then its obvious who hasnt been playing this season xD. Ill give you video of my tribe alone
  6. Give us a classic/conquest update already for crying outloud servers are dying
  7. Yeah idk man there is only about one or two dark caves built the larger tribes that would build on alpha or desert plat are already gone. Dark cave is a pretty bad spot to raided one tribe building it up a couple times. If they allowed cave building you would get raided regardless because the smaller tribes and solo players will have an offline timer.
  8. Im well aware of the Epic game accounts. Classic has a couple servers that peak 25 players during Na Early morning. At best it would add 2-3 to maybe like 4 or 5 servers. If you are actually playing classic right now you would know most bases consist of 3 player tribes with the exception of about three servers. Even those server are about 7 man tribes. Most of the bases left aren't even worth raiding. using autos. Servers 100% need a wipe. The high pop servers are the ones every newer player goes to which is rag. Its pretty boring
  9. boy have i never read anything so wrong. The high pop servers are like 9 right now. About 40 servers consist of 0-1 pop lmao
  10. It just looks like that people get Epic games accounts and they dont show up on battlemetrics or server population for some reason.
  11. yup that where classic is at there is only like one server that might get 15 ppl online but at the moment id say the server will have like 60 players on it at the moment all together. I looked last night and 12 servers have a population of 0 and 10 had one person online. Its time for a wipe. Classic will probably be popular again if they remove gigas. The whole appeal used to be theriz was meta dps and you can foot pvp. But gigas kind of broke the game.
  12. I disagree completely. Playing in one of the Classic mega tribes without cryopods my fps got killed and on top of that when people came to grief they would just come snipe tames. What killed classic is them adding gigas into the game because the appeal was you can foot pvp. Nets kind of killed the game also. We enjoy the 5x also because no one wanted gigas but because there is such a huge problem with aimbotters on 25 mans we need the gigas so its nice having two days. Once you get super built up you will understand that cryopods were much needed. No one wants to sit at a base with 300+ tames out so bad
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