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  1. Wildcard didn't come out with their explanation until another wildcard employee said Sony paid for this situation though. Which lines right up with gamerants article. I'm still not exactly sure what the situation is. I'm hoping it wasn't just damage control but business is business. It would surprise me if it was.
  2. It's not Xbox users fault sony doesn't have a game preview program!
  3. It's not even the full ark game. The full ark game is running on Xbox one already. How could it have anything to do with the ps4s hardware?
  4. They already have 95 percent of the money they are getting from the Xbox user base. I'm sure that made this decision a lot easier.
  5. Way to miss the point. Stop being an idiot. It's a slap in the face for Xbox users to have to wait longer. Especially If it's because of a pay day. I never said anything about the game not being amazing. If you don't notice bugs and performance issues then you need to get the blinders off.
  6. It's been clarified twice with two different reasons. No idea what the deal is. Biggest thing to takeaway out of this is the full game is not being released in June.
  7. Didn't another wild card founder already say Sony paid for this though?
  8. PC is not a "console". The term console exclusive is used all the time for games on a console/PC.
  9. Wow. Unreal if this is true. This reeks of them knowing they already got most of the profits they are going to get from the Xbox community and now they are jumping over to ps4 with added bonuses where they will have a totally untouched user base. Not impressed at all if gamerant is accurate here.
  10. This just seems flat out backwards. Ps4 users would probably enjoy the core game before getting and playing SOTF. Xbox users have been playing the core game for months and have been looking forward to SOTF to test their skills in it and get something fresh. this could just be awful announcing timing but I guess we will have to wait and see. Maybe they just wanted to create buzz on the Sony platform before pax. It's baffling though. I don't get it.
  11. I doubt the game releases in June. And after the Xbox community helping with development they can't really be just launching SOTF on ps4 only. That doesn't seem right.
  12. This doesn't make sense either. Obviously SOTF can run on Xbox. Would just be nice to get clarification of what's going on.
  13. No idea what this means. Are you saying Xbox users are being punished for helping with the main games development?
  14. No doubt. I have many hours logged into this game. Well worth it. If SOTF is not coming Xbox that is very troubling though.
  15. Uh what about the Xbox community who is struggling through this bug ridden 35 dollar game to help you develop it?
  16. Update wasn't late. The 10th was an estimate. They should have held off even longer too. The update did more harm than good.
  17. Think it might be time to start optimizing if this is where we are at with new Dinos.
  18. You get it for the price of the preview version.
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