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    2 Hours Ago

    2 Hours ago I began the usual wait to join my new official Xbox Rag server OVER 2 hours later I'm still in a que waiting to get on..... I started this char on day 1 of the new official servers & walked away from over 200 Legacy dino's & 2 years of work. What a joke. The last 8 days of tames & breeding on the new official are all for nothing now, as babies will be starving & imprinting will be missed. Thanks wild card. Edit----- After just under 3 hours I have given up, there has to be something wrong this is silly! I have restarted, rejoined & will wait 30 more mins then I'm going to give up. Ridiculous. Luckily I think I left enough meat in troughs for my stuff to survive maturation.
  2. Absolute joke.. how could this patch pass testing!!!???? delayed for what reason? so they could add a game breaking bug so nobody can play!!?? well done wild card.. THEY ADDED A DUNG BEETLE!!! ??? YEAH A RIGHT SH**Y BUG