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  1. DomeBlue

    How to lvl up

    Can't tame wyverns, can only breed then. Best way to raise wyverns is to do it on Ragnarok in batches of 5. Milk lasts 10 hours in preserving bins with preserving salt.. You can breed them on the island but transferring the milk from either Se or rag means it will have spoiled quite a bit before you get it into the preserving bin. Rags a great map anyway though no Explorer notes. Tips on wyvern trapping you mean? Try using the remote pad trap and a griffin.
  2. DomeBlue

    Question about mutations

    I always assumed the mutation of a stat stayed with the stat it mutated. My most recent example was a mutation in a lower melee of some therizinos. I was in the process of putting all my best stats from 7 different therizinos together and of course there is bound to be some mutations. For the record, I breed my mutated dinos with the unmuted to exploit the /20 the best way possible. So when I had 408 (2/20) melee and a 396 (3/20) melee from an unmutated Base of 384 I thought to test the theory that the melee mutation can be moved from a lower stat to the higher one. What better way to test it than at the beginning of breeding a bloodline. If that makes sense? So instead I wanted to see if I could get 420 (5/20) melee and so I mated the stats together. Maybe I didn't test it fully, maybe I did but I never did get the 420 (5/20). My friend is adamant it is possible however. In the end, because of the type of breeder I am I wouldn't want to waste that 5th and 4th empty mutation. Would rather get another melee mutation and have 420 (3/20). And it won't ever be a case of mating a 396 (1/20) with a 408 (2/20) because there is always a parents with the 408 mutation being bred.
  3. DomeBlue

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Absolutely love the new Rex model... Up until the point it moves. The hip motion could do with some editing. Straight off the bat, the odd way the hips move is apparent. And thinking about it... I worry the Rex is likely to tip forward. What do I know about an extinct dinosaurs center of mass? Other than that, the new jaw and teeth are awesome. The colour mutations look sweet and less like paint. My favourite part - The feet. Overall, the new Rex has upped in scare factor.
  4. DomeBlue

    false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    @TigerH99 you mind leaving a link to the video? Would be very interested in how they do it since the first thing I said was I hoped to raise one soon.
  5. DomeBlue

    false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    @Captnmorgan yes I said the site is unaffiliated with arks game publishers. The site says that they are not connected to ark in that capacity. And as for information being up to date the information I stated was in fact last edited on 18/12/2017 hence why I added it onto the end. Whether or not the information is useful I was just making a point about how little everyone seems to know about the reapers.
  6. DomeBlue

    Wild Ravagers; Can they climb my Zip-lines?

    @GreenSoup2HoT like Olivar said and yes they need a motive. When a dino is trapped they don't actually acknowledge they are otherwise they wouldn't be running into the trap walls. Wild ravagers will chase you accross zip lines. That freaked my friend out a bit when one jumped onto the line to follow her home.
  7. DomeBlue

    false advertisement Reaper Queen Falsely Advertised.

    I haven't yet tried raising a reaper but hope to do so soon. This thread has just confused the heck out of me and I'm beginning to doubt whether anyone really knows how to obtain a reaper. From what I have learnt from our very own ark wiki page, the gender of reaper babies is in fact 'undistinguishable' and can be either called 'king' or 'queen'. (18/12/2017) Everything advertised before aberrations release no longer applies now that the DLC is out and unless you all want to bring up false advertising again and claim misrepresentation feel free to do so only brace for the heat of surface flames. Lines blur when information is changed afterwards and this is where I get confused. My trusted wiki resource says one thing and now I'm hearing only males can be raised? I wont go complaining about a clash of information since wiki is in fact unaffiliated with the game producer and therefore it doesn't matter legally if their information is incorrect as much as if the game publishers were misleading. Gah it's a shame if there is no tamed reaper Queens but also a relief. It would cause imbalance in Pvp game play since it would only make the weak weaker and the strong stronger. If you want to contest me on this go ahead. I love a good debate. As for commanding the Reaper Queen, if wiki doesn't lie and in fact babies can be reaper Queens (probably more rarer if the Devs are smart about it and probably why doing it several times results in a king) it is not incorrect that you can impregnated your foes since that is exactly what you would be able to do in Pvp. And as for the edited version of the advertisement... It does not clearly state that only reaper males can be raised. No where in their sentence does it say a reaper Queen cannot be spawned and is in fact marvelously vague. Sure it is implied but there is no ground for false advertising. Now if jat had really said after questionable time from release has passed that you can only get reaper kings I'll raise up my banner and vote for Queen reaper.
  8. DomeBlue

    Wild Ravagers; Can they climb my Zip-lines?

    Yes wild ravagers can use zip lines
  9. DomeBlue

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    @flamronyou have me confused. I didn't say changes will be made in the next update but I will clarify. I believe it to be a possibility in future updates to come. EDIT: Neither did i suggest they will all happen at once... and I hope they don't.
  10. DomeBlue

    Transfer System

    @VralloxMissed my first reply's intent but that's fine. I hope posting this thread helped you learn more about transferring characters however and that your character is not deleted on the original server. And many survivors do not participate in bosses. If bossing is a main reason for transferring your character I suggest creating a second character anyway and getting both to unlock the engrams. The character you transferred can then go back and boss on its server of origin to gather the elements (that's the reason for it to have the engrams right? I assume you create the tek on the first server or its pointless for that character to unlock the engrams). Good luck with your base of operation.
  11. DomeBlue

    Transfer System

    @[email protected] Yes but that's not the kind of transferring you were talking about in your opening post Vrallox. You implied moving from server to server to just generally play the game. You mentioned nothing of bossing until someone else connected it to this thread. As I said... I don't see the need for you to be transferring back and forth between servers just to play tribe with rag and your other server. Bossing on the other hand I understand the necessity for transferring your character and the same for ascension. I can also see why people transfer their characters if they are moving or if they need to temporarily stay on a traders server to imprint mammals and such (as I've done before for tusos). Midnight if you feel the need to transfer your character to get the full ark experience then by all means do what you have to do. But from your post its something you 'had' indulged in.
  12. DomeBlue

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    @flamronalmost missed your post so I apologise for only replying now. I'm aware of when the cap hit on the new servers but it's not the first time cap has struck. I don't know how many were affected by cap on the legacy servers when they were ordinary official but I can say with certainty that there are survivors from before the release who are no strangers to cap. In fact cap has made an appearance throughout arks lifetime. So perhaps this time it's bigger than before and it's lasted longer. The bigger the problem the more steps needed to be taken. Most of you just lack patience. I also suggest you read my post to midnight on kibble ect. No timeline doesn't mean it won't happen. After all it was confirmed.
  13. DomeBlue

    Server Dino Cap Discussion

    @Midnight_ No one can predict the outcome 100% but if you want me to take a gander I'll give it a go. Anyone can point out effects like I did and I'll give reasons for my brief points. I work around the idea that several changes added together have more of a consequence. The introduction of a kibble system won't have an immediate effect on the cap but removing the rest of the legacy servers causes a ripple. Although the removal of legacy servers has been discussed it has not yet been announced and made certain. It may be that not all are removed and another list will be created like the Devs have stated survivors should be aware of being a possibility. Survivors still playing on the legacy servers have the choice to continue playing ark on the new servers and they will just add to the cap issues in the short term. But then there's all that space created for new servers to be opened. They won't be opened immediately but there is a possibility they will be up in large groups. I'd rather new servers be opened all at once rather than gradually to stop the wave of players moving from a capped server to the newest one available. Many options at once spreads out the survivors more and reduces the rate at which a server reaches cap. I'm counting on the Devs being interested in their player statistics and I hope they are able to calculate how many servers are needed. (One of the main reasons why I'm not making a fuss about the cap despite it being a dampener on my game play is that the Devs have all the statistics that we don't have. They are the game specialists. Any other developer can look at ark and say it has this issue and that problem but they don't have the knowledge the developers have of their own game.) There is a theory (not my own but was witness to the discussion and thought it to be accurate) that letting go of the legacy servers will mean that the cap limit can be raised. They had knowledge of servers (you can see I'm no tech person with my lack of it) and predicted that the decision of the cap limit is linked to the number of servers held. For the developers to maintain two sets of servers they had to limit the stress on their systems another way. That's pretty self explanatory so I wont go into data and storage. The change in the kibble system will be a big unknown. I cannot predict if it'll be bad or good. I can guess that the imprinting kibble list will be reduced and I'm certain the difficulty level of tames will alter both ways. Dinos will become easier to tame or they will be tougher. Since it appears unbalanced at the moment, changes will be made to the number of kibble needed for a tame. Changes in the kibble system can possibly lead to changes in the rate of eggs. How does that effect cap? Yeah so initially no one is going to remove their now useless imprinting eggers. Sure they won't when its capped but timing the kibble change to occur when servers are not at risk from cap will impact positively. Now that links in to the introduction of aberration and removal of the legacy servers and it shouldn't be a problem. Know that while I mention the change in the kibble system I don't believe it to remove cap but to act as a moderator to cap levels... Hopefully If the Devs have their mathematics and research precise. I'll stop there since its long enough.
  14. DomeBlue

    Eggers room design

    @BaldBudgie Why do you believe it's false? Did you perhaps misinterpret what I said? Oviraptors that are mate boosted increase egg production more than if they were not mate boosted. It's commonly known in the community. Unless more than half of arks survivors have got it wrong....
  15. DomeBlue

    Transfer System

    @Vrallox why do you have to move your character? I don't understand why you feel the need to transfer a character back and forth. It's not 'required'.