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  1. Hi again I'm giving another tip and this time its about how to raise your baby reaper to juvy stage safely To start off, all you need is a Karkinos and 2 fridges of Cooked Meat and dont wear any gear when baby reaper is about to pop out. When the Baby Reaper pops out of your stomach, you will literally have 1hp left. Now here is where the stuff i mentioned above will be useful * First before the Baby reaper pops out, you gotta have 2 fridges of cooked meat inside your characters inventory, It will be enough to be fed until it reaches juvenile stage. * Second Let the Baby Reaper Kill you so that after it kills you, the Baby Reaper will get all that cooked Meat inside your character's inventory. * You will die and have to re-spawn at your base. * Third is ride and use the Karkinos, grab that baby reaper and it will hold on to it until it reaches Juvenile Stage , so you can relax for 8hrs. and just come back for its 1st imprint I hope this tip helps
  2. I had an incident where in my Baby Reaper disappeared after leaving it to reach juvenile stage inside a 4x4 metal structure. What happen was I logged back in to check the Baby Reaper, and noticed it wasn't inside its enclosure, What i did first is look around the base, went out since it might have got out of its enclosure, and out of curiosity since I remember which part the baby was last seen inside, what I did first is use a Karkinos to see if it can grab it out of the glitch, cause i remember it was just staying put to a certain metal wall, after using the karkinos it didnt work, then after demolishing that certain wall and used the karkinos again, it grabbed the Reaper out ( It was Invisible so you gotta know where to grab ) and the good thing is it wasn't big enough yet, where in the Karkinos can't carry it anymore :). I hope this tip helps a few individuals who also have encountered the same problem as I'am
  3. I noticed that people use the boat and gacha trick to pick them Tuso Eggs. But how about when its too deep under the water where in the gacha can't reach it? So what I can suggest is ride a gacha, make sure to put a small amount of food inside its inventory. And ones your above the Tuso Egg thats far too deep dismount gacha let him sink then he will grab it, after he grabs it ride the gacha again and press space bar for it to float and check its inventory the tuso egg should be there , you have to put food in its inventory otherwise it will eat the egg, it happened to me so I hope this tip helps, just sharing cause sharing is caring
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