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  1. Please devs make x2 permanent

    I wouldn't be surprised if this game STARTED with no tribes, Seeing as it was an early access release, But you'd have to be pretty ignorant to not see that the current meta/playstyle seriously encourage cooperation and teamwork, almost to the point of it being a selling point of the game.
  2. Transfer System

    I always feel conflicted with the transfer system in this game. On one hand it allows you to keep certain aspects you like of your character, or get new Tames you otherwise couldn't, But as far as Pvp goes it also allows for Roaming alpha tribes and griefers. How do you all feel about it?
  3. An open invitation

    We have our processes, don't worry
  4. An open invitation

    I have Proposition for you. Yes you, as in the person/community (hopefully) reading this post right now! Are you sick of alpha tribes curb stomping your♥♥♥♥♥♥every day? Want a new start in a safe place, yet still experiencing the full extent that PvP has to offer? This invitation stands to all those who have small developing tribes, or tribes looking to make a new interesting start. My tribe is openly accepting the assimilation or alliance of ANY new tribe. You can have 2 or 2000 hours in the game, and you have a place here. We already have a discord and steam group set up. If interested, Please feel free to dm me, so we may all become stronger, Together.
  5. Player recruitment

    Am I missing something, or is this no central location on the internet for recruitment of players into tribes? As i see is, tribal recruitment is this mish mash of needing to spam your advertisements on reddit, steam, and the ark community forums. I feel like this makes it a lot harder than it needs to be. but, correct me if i'm wrong. If there is a central, more accepted location, be sure to link it below so I stay EdUcAtEd.
  6. New Player Start

    To be fair, PvP can seem very frustrating at first, but once you play it for a small while you quickly develop a rhythm. PvP ark is probably one of the most gratifying things if done correctly. The dynamic of base building and trying to be stealthy vs being open and aggressive is very entertaining, Most of the time if you pick your servers right alpha tribes are not a problem as much as people like to say they are. In my humble opinion, PvP is the way the Ark's devs built the game, and it delivers a very, VERY entertaining experience all round. However, it is all down to personal preference.
  7. Looking for other PC players!!

    Your discord tag didn't work for me, But i'm starting up an ambitious tribe right now so I'm down to get as much help as possible
  8. Power gap ready to be seized

    I am currently starting a tribe on an official Ark Server in which the alpha tribe was recently wiped and most of the members left. I am looking for people interested in Joining me in my quest to dominate and fill this power gap while I can. Some requirements are as follows. A Discord Account, The game, Ark: Survival Evolved. A basic understanding of English. All levels of skill are welcome. basic rules of privacy and rankings are set up and Will be taken seriously If interested be sure to DM me and i'll send you steam/Discord Information