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  1. Nikay

    Favorite Dino?

    My favorite is the argentavis because they are giant eagles what is not to like.
  2. Nikay

    The Early Bird

    Hello fellow early birds welcome to trying to access trading forums
  3. Nikay

    Ark: Aberration

    I am still excited, just tired of waiting
  4. Nikay

    Rock Element Blueprint ?

    I never knew they were so rare, you learn knew things everyday
  5. Nikay

    Incubation Frustration

    if your going to be breed a lot the dimes will be worth it as they are one of the kibbles needed for imprinting.
  6. Nikay

    rag giga spawns wierd

    agreed I see them there a lot
  7. Nikay

    Nameless vs reaper

    well this topic cleared up some confusion on my end I was just as confused.
  8. Nikay

    What's your main land mount?

    thyla as they are awesome
  9. Nikay

    Aberration Boss ?

    im down for fighting a giant space octopus
  10. Nikay

    Server Cap Exploitation PVE

    85 years at that cost lol.. the game won't last ten years if new players cant tame/build because of overcrowded servers. I think they are trying to push people to pay for private servers which is a ridiculous notion.
  11. Nikay

    Best way of Quetz Metal Farming (End of 2017)

    I would also like to know if handcuffing removes that limit ^
  12. Nikay

    Most OP weapon/tool in ark

    Good fishing poles for getting even better bp's
  13. Nikay

    Sabertooth VS Carno

    yeah go with the baryonyx