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  1. diggys

    I can't stop playing

    I wish i had your boss's boss lol.
  2. diggys

    Wall Stacking

    it will have splash damage. But i am pretty sure it will increase the amount of c4 needed. I do not know by how much unfortunately
  3. diggys

    What's your guilty pleasures?

    Mine is taming griffins and base building.
  4. how many c4 does it take to destroy the heavy turret?
  5. diggys

    Should we expand?

    i think you can manage it with three members. But it would never hurt to get more people to help out. Ark is a game of number more you have the better.
  6. diggys

    Should we expand?

    I think more turrets and plant turrets before expanding. i can't count how many time me and a small tribe have expanded before laying out defense, we got wiped a lot. But I would make sure you can cover everything corner of that 10x10 before building.
  7. I just love to be able to move between servers. Its a blessing and not a blessing at times.
  8. diggys

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Got wiped . Time to start rebuilding!
  9. diggys

    Turret change discussion megathread

    Will there be more turret types then just the heavy turret?
  10. Yes aberration is right around the corner! Gliding time!
  11. diggys

    How are ya gonna play Abberation ??

    I just want to glide!