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  1. The beaver is already out on PC. It takes weeks for Xbox to catch up. Don't expect it anytime soon.
  2. Lol I understand that but that's a mammoth. The beaver is said to not be strong, even though it can get wood faster than a mammoth. This beaver does not really enthuse me too much.
  3. You can already craft wooden structures quickly on the go without any mount.. apprentice hatchet and a sickle = wooden structures fast The beaver is probably not fast on land, so evading predators is probably more difficult on the beaver than on foot. Also, by the time you can tame a beaver you should already be able to make stone structure.
  4. Because the caves are not broken. My base is set up next to the south cave and beetles are there all the times.
  5. It requires approval through Microsoft before an update can be released, and because of the thousands of games that are on Microsoft platforms, Wildcard can have an update ready to go but it takes a few weeks for Microsoft to release it. On PC, updates are pushed out whenever because Steam allows it. (as far as I'm aware) It's not Wildcard being lazy..
  6. I would assume it adds to the mount's weight since you are literally attached to it. It'd be smart to get a flyer with nothing but stamina and weight upgraded to use for transport, then have a ton of tribe members attach to it lol
  7. 1 week old + 1 week until release = 2 weeks. and @FaneBlackwing never said anything about the Dinos being old already, Blackwing was justing noting how far behind the Xbox version is from the PC version.
  8. Is the fish meat actually going to be called 'Raw Fish' and 'Cooked Fish'? And will they have different food values than regular meat?
  9. It's January 27th.. can't get into Server 505...

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