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  1. I know but the main reason I need pearls is for electronic, I know of a crop of them not to far from where Im located. I've also been testing with this and was able to tame another argy and breed and imprinted it. The yields are better. I'm up to 10-20
  2. Sounds like I should just work on leveling then, shame. I was hoping this was a good method. The electronic I get from it is nice though so I guess I won't abandon this method completely. Farming silica pearls is worse.
  3. not high level enough to use the saddle slow leveling rate, I've picked off all the metal around me and respawns slowly. I've gone through at least 10 anky venturing out going to get some. Usually get jumped by something and lose the anky even with dire wolf escort. I set the argy on agressive and he's locked in the pen with the babies.
  4. Tame for scrap metal farming I'm playing on the island, and doing a hard mode challenge for myself. Starting off and building a base inland in the snow biome. Been quite tough with all the dire wolves, deodon, and yuty running around not to mention the cold to content with. I've come close to losing everything a few times. Anyway since I'm so far away from any reliable metal nodes I got the bright idea to get a few tek parasaur to breed and kill for some scrap metal, but the tames I use gather it at low amounts 3-8 per 10 cluster of eggs. Not really enough to sustain my base needs. I fo
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