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  1. No poop. and I didn't agree with it then either. TERRIBLE PR MOVE.
  2. I'm excited for this... but beyond confused why y'all would think a countdown for a trailer would be something anyone would be excited or happy about... Do you just have terrible PR people? I love this game. bugs and all. though fixing the falling through the floor/world crap would make a massive difference. But on a real note. WHY do a countdown for THIS? absolutely stupid. getting people hyped up for something big and release a trailer for something that wont be out for a long time... Guys... Better idea. Release the trailer as a fun surprise without some countdown that involved freakin adds and all that crap. Release actual CONTENT with a countdown timer... That way you don't piss your buyers off... lol just sayin... I could seriously do a better PR job... Archaeology event should have been released WITH this trailer... not three days later... that was a stupid decision that rubs so many people wrong...
  3. well us over on our private server are excited about it. you have me intrigued by this not all has been listed stuff in the comments.
  4. If it's like the other colored events. ALLLLLLLLL dino's have a chance to spawn with them amazing colors. =D
  5. Thats what I was thinking too. But my cohorts on the server are saying it should activate just like the last event did. I'm gonna have them do it anyway HAHAHAHA. can't hurt.
  6. I'm mildly.. and by mildly, I mean extremely confused lol. Will this even activate just like the valentines did for our server automaticly? It's a nitrado crossplay server. or did you alter settings to where we have to turn it on ourselves? not a big deal if so, just want to clear it up because I've read re-read and re-re-read (Cause I'm a re-re) lol and i'm still confused on that point. it also stands to say that nothing easter has loaded in the server, Someone help this mom-brain out here. I have a case of the dumbs that is quite strong lol Keep being amazing Wildcard. I know your working your arses off and I know our server appreciates it. <3
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