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  1. I'm not happy either....when I got a glitch earlier today I couldn't ride my wyvern so I put it in a cryopod it dropped its inventory which had my magmasaur eggs a d ambergris in that I couldn't access to get back. Does anyone know a work around?
  2. Same issue for everyone on my server. Hope they have a fix soon cause I use mindwipes for events.
  3. Avalonian Arkitects Pvp server free to join. No password required. Regular events Main map - Valguero, 2nd map -arkpocolypse cluster map changed every month. 300 max dinos, additional creature spawns ie griffins, snow owls etc. Search 'Avalonian_Arkitects' Check facebook for details and a link to our discord. https://www.facebook.com/Avalonian-Arkitects-Ark-Survival-Evolved-106724320718408/
  4. Nitrado PVE timer. I'm currently running a server on nitrado and been trying to get it set to pvp 6am to 6pm and then pve 6pm till 6am. I've put a tick in the box for pve timer and put the start time at 64800 and pve end time at 21600. Is that right as I've been playing on the server all day and it still says pvpve, and different tribes hurt each other. It's been hit and miss if the server is running pve or pvp, I cant seem to figure out the exact times it changes. We have offline raid protection so we can ally up. So any help would be much appreciated.
  5. Can't find nitrado server So today my nitrado server froze with only 3 people online, we logged out but could not connect again as it said could not retrieve address. So I restarted ark and restarted the nitrado server and now it doesnt show in the session list. I've spoke to nitrado and they said everything is fine with the server so it's at your end. Any suggestions or anyone else experiencing this problem? It's been off for nearly 2 hours now.
  6. We also have a discord channel set up: https://discord.gg/NnUnfD feel free to join.
  7. Day and night cycle changed so days last longer and nights are shorter. Community centre located on west coast and unlocked traps placed around the island. Start up gear includes all metal tool and armour, arrows and biotoxin, a raft and a saddle per player for a dino of their choosing.
  8. Arkitects Server I've created a pvp server on hard (level 300 wild dinos) with 10 slots for the time being. Looking to get an active player base on it. I'm active daily and will provide help and a start up kit, I've built a community centre and any traps I place are unlocked for all to use. The server is called 'ARKITECTS' and you can find all information and help on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Ark-Mobile-Arkitects-837589103293309/
  9. Well I managed to get to level 72 on hard-core. Only to start fighting an Argi on my Argi and get dashboarded. My tribe mate tried to find me but until I logged back in my Argi and I were invisable. When I loaded back in we reappeared. However the Argi managed to kill me before I even loaded in. Luckily it doesn't take long to get back levels.....its just still a pain that such a major issue hasn't been fixed yet. I know your working on it, I just feel sorry for other players who haven't got the back up of tribe mates to get back in their tribe after dying.
  10. Still can't find an answer to this. If anyone does let me know. Being on an official Hard core server it is proving a nightmare to progress or even get any good tames or wyvern eggs because of the crashing risk. Been a week now and it took us 4 crashes with 3 of us all crashing around the same time, just to get some silica pearls from beaver dams. I'd hate to try and go in the ocean atm.
  11. Me and my friends started on ragnarok hard core PvP 2 days ago. My Xbox has been crashing to Xbox dash at least once an hour since we joined nd my tribemates have too. It's not filled us with confidence to get up and running properly. Also players on my other Xbox dedicated ragnarok server have experienced the same issues. Is it just a ragnarok problem as I've noticed nothing on the other maps....except the typical lagging.
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