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  1. do you have demolish privilages in your tribe?
  2. so you can setup tribe ranks, set everyone in different groups and set what they are allowed to do, if they can demolish, if they can unclaim dinos etc, then because you didnt have the ranks setup from the begginning you would need to set every structure you dont want them to have access to, to a rank higher than theirs. can also turn on personal dino ownership This is old but its essentially the same https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/58654-intro-to-tribe-rankings/
  3. #2 is a problem but you cannot actually damage the node anymore so you can use your meele for the time being
  4. Everyone should have expected this from the beginning.. you wernt supposed to be getting max flak, riot, weapons every time you fed the thing a warmap..... they fixed what was broken from the beginning dont expect to get the ascendant crystals back any time soon
  5. stone is best for gacha feeding and for it to be effective you need to also give them a snow owl pellet. when eating it will give a crystal every time it eats generally consuming 20-40 stone and 1 pellet per crystal vs 300-500 thatch. element dust crystals give a maximum of 180 dust
  6. 150 cookpots no matter the level of the gacha, is second best. Tek structures being the best. Foundations win out over ceilings/walls
  7. they eat owl pellets... they will auto collect pellets if you place 4-5 owls beside them. the owls stop making pellets if you go offline so you will need to cryo them if you do. you will need to start them on meat tho until about 700 food
  8. Ornimegalonyx, there was actually owl dinosaurs just fyi
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