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  1. mating intervals are anywhere between 18 hours and 48 hours, you say that your rexs got a 14 hour interval 14 x 3 = 42 so if 3x was not on you would have had a 42 hour interval or 1 day 18 hours. so yes you did infact get 3x lower interval
  2. good quote to bad you don't follow it, you are assuming complaining is going to get them to fix it for you
  3. you pay $20-$40 a year and thats if you actually buy the DLCs, if you dont you probably spend $20 5 years ago and havent given them a dime since. unlimited gameplay, be greatful for what you are given accept the losses and move on. As a "Day 1" player you should be used to the hiccups by now. You continue to play the game knowing they happen, they are not new or unexpected and yet here you are complaining time and time again. You have never seen your complaining amount to anything and yet you continue to do it if you continue to play a game that you know has issues that is on you. The fa
  4. Rollbacks delete characters. They gave 2x breeding so people can re-breed, they appologized, they made an effort. Complaining about it after the fact does nothing but make them want to ignore the community. Less toxic behavious is whats needed. Thank you for fixing the server error. thank you for extending the event and adding breeding. you lost some pixels... make more and get over it.
  5. and yet somehow i think you will survive. Otter river on Aberration is ONLY coel so you can fish there no problem
  6. I dont suppose you would add Purple dinos for easter i love event dinos and my collection of purple ones is sorely lacking
  7. Ornimegalonyx, there was actually owl dinosaurs just fyi
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