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  1. I loved the event, the chibis are a great addition. Sugguestions/issues to follow: I felt the chibis should have been a craftable item in the cooking pot like the skins, for example 10 coal could be a dilo 1000 coal could be a phoenix. I think this would have reduced the ingame arguements 100 fold. My favorite dino is the otter so i would like to see an otter chibi added at some point. On TheCenter maps if santa slew over the floating island the presents would get stuck above the maps ceiing and would never drop, this also occured in the redwoods in a few places. The chibis erased one of my levels which i thought was wierd, i was lvl 133 before the event started and now im back to level 132 from equipping a leveled chibi. Going forward i think it would be nice if the presents spawned on the ground one at a time with a supply drop light beam so you could find them, this would eliminate people flying in 3 seconds before it lands and swipign the items you waited 2 minutes for under the present as it fell. Because of the rarity of the drops it seemed to me new players were at a disadvantage, Veteran players flew from drop to drop with managarmrs grabbing every one before new players even had time to get to them, trying to complete their chibi collection. I feel it would have been better to release maybe 10-20 chibis instead of 54 all at once. Gachaclaus could have dropped crystals 10x faster or at the least only at 1 coal at a time instead of 10, i probably wasted a total of 48 hours over the course of the event sitting beside a gacha feeding it 1 coal at a time. in the end i got around 40/54 of the chibis. Gachaclaus' tended to stop producing crystals because they ran out of the invisible rocks around them eating your coal and giving you nothing in return. Requireing you to punch them and lead them to a new area with more food for them to produce crystals with. All in all i really enjoyed the event even with the things i listed above.
  2. I had this happen last month with a baby otter, i didnt get a death notice so i know it poofed. i saw the otter baby for a second then nothing. relogged ti see if it was just lag/visual glitch but the pod was still empty
  3. The eastern and western underwater caves are meant to be hard, dino levels are increased as they are artifact caves. you have to fight your way to the end of the cave to retrieve the artifact generally you would use a Mosa or a Tuso to do so, you can also take you chances with a dolphin and try just swimming past all of the wild dinos
  4. No you mis-read my post, it will not become 5x more expensive all dust currently off extinction will become worth 5x less because you would no longer need to convert element to dust, the dust would become near worthless compared to element no one would trade it because they can trade element instead. the only arguement i keep hearing is "no more wasting time".. do you mean playing the game? you want this to be implemented so you can spend less time actually playing the game... genius solution
  5. Spend 30 minutes on a vein make 500 element - then convert that to 100k dust OR 50 hours carrying a doed around to the lampposts for 100k dust. which sounds more foolish? and again ALL dust that currently exists would lose its value by 5x if this were to be enabled because of the 5:1 element-dust ratio. it takes longerr to get dust than it does to get raw element therefore it is worth more, if you dont see that then i dont know what to tell you.
  6. Oh so what your saying is trading isnt part of the game? In PVE trading is like 90% of the content. There is literally a forum devoted to trading dinos for every platform. Element converts into dust at a 5:1 ratio so yes there would be loss. You can convert element to dust on extinction and transfer it, you can craft things on extinction and trade them over, you can live on extinction. Just because you are to lazy to craft the element into dust and transfer it over does not mean that they need to change a core part of the game. You can do 1 50k vein and make 500 element in 30 minutes then craft that into dust and xfer over 100 element worth The game doesnt need to be any more EZmode than it has already become just because you are lazy.
  7. This would destroy the element dust market and make all existing element dust outside of extinction worth 5x less than what it currently is... sounds incredibly unbalanced to me but thats just my POV
  8. stone is best for gacha feeding and for it to be effective you need to also give them a snow owl pellet. when eating it will give a crystal every time it eats generally consuming 20-40 stone and 1 pellet per crystal vs 300-500 thatch. element dust crystals give a maximum of 180 dust
  9. 150 cookpots no matter the level of the gacha, is second best. Tek structures being the best. Foundations win out over ceilings/walls
  10. they eat owl pellets... they will auto collect pellets if you place 4-5 owls beside them. the owls stop making pellets if you go offline so you will need to cryo them if you do. you will need to start them on meat tho until about 700 food
  11. Ornimegalonyx, there was actually owl dinosaurs just fyi
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