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  1. I,m on official and have a base dmg of 755
  2. im on Because argie is much faster, i have a base weight 2500 arg and i now have it at 8k weight with plenty of levels and hammers the quetz
  3. Ye im having this issue too i found cryopod then release starts them working again , only prob is next time it can be a different dino
  4. Easiest by far is using the griffin, just fly behind and get your rifle out
  5. Ok i didnt do lmfao how old are you ? you are not doing your mod buddy any favours keeping this alive are you
  6. Also remember he is the mod im not this will surely get him booted ....so enjoy
  7. lmfao dont you know ??????? let google be your friend
  8. Dont be silly ive reported him to WC mods are not suppose to conduct themselves in this way.
  9. If i am dragging it on what has he been doing ? .......Fanning the flames
  10. He is only a volunteer mod ffs he isnt part of WC and they will expect there mods to behave in a professional manner which he hasnt.
  11. too late to smile m8 ive already took screen shot you clearly dont know what moderating a forum is if this is how you behave.
  12. Your job is not to fan the flames but sort problems out ive been screen shotting this and you are getting reported for abusing position
  13. anyway if your a volunteer mod you are abusing you position i will be putting a ticket in regards to this
  14. Any person of average intelligence would say im from england blah blah blah but you didnt well you say you didnt i think you did with gmt and realised u screwed up
  15. So why am i trolling me and anyone i know states there country time but not this guy lol and you call me a troll
  16. GP is clearly lieing he meant uk but screwed up the time so is trying to deflect it back at me
  17. which is what ive been saying unlike the other 3pm lmfao
  18. your baseline should be uk time if thats where your from which i must admit i highly doubt it.
  19. I'm from the uk and would state my countrys time and let people work of that obviously your from a different planet to me
  20. So why did you say gmt and not gmt+1 if your from the uk ?
  21. u stated your in uk so why do you mention gmt and not gmt+1, you simply are annoyed because i corrected you now go away.
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