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  1. He was right there was no reason to be sarcastic to customers.
  2. Ive bought all dlc except this one, they simply not fixing the bugs and all this will do is create more.
  3. was given a very high quetz egg and tek rex egg and on both occasion i put them in hot bar instead of dropping and have eaten both
  4. Ive always played solo and ive had the game from day 1 but lately moved to pve because i simply dont have a chance against tribes and think it would be fun for me to be able to pvp solo players like myself, they could even reduce the bosses strength to make it easier for solo to do, I have only experienced tek playing on unofficial because i simply cant do bosses solo.
  5. Thx mod for the move but dont think it will help
  6. yes m8 many times and plenty backed me but still nothing
  7. lol check previous months it was declining up until christmas so the events will have helped made up the numbers.
  8. This game is on the decline for the past 3 years And i think one of the reasons is because WC simply dont listen to there player base. I for one would love to see a x3 harvest,xp,breed,tame and a solo server only and have requested this many times but they dont simply listen. And before people start saying play on unofficial i dont want to put up with abusive admins, and before people say the game is meant for tribes Blah Blah Blah they have made a primitive version of the original so why not a solo ?
  9. Just check player base and look at empry or near empty servers.......and lol 50k
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