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  1. lmfao check the time stamp i was 3 hrs before you said it was working i know it was working later on
  2. x3 breeding not working its taking 2hr 56 to hatch arg egg
  3. Yes this made me happy too along with creating tek replicator in fabricator..........im a lone wolf so cant do boss fights.
  4. I would say the rex.
  5. I would like to see a x3 on everything permanent.
  6. unofficials are just about empty might as well play single player
  7. I think they have made genesis a priority because people are still buying it so we can all whistle.
  8. This is ridiculous all because of genesis .....FIX MIND WIPE NOW.
  9. Thats what i thought they would have done.
  10. Fair enough but its bloody annoying when i never used one in the first place
  11. A patch has come out which is supposed to fix the wipes but mine says 1day but i havent bloody used one for over 30 levels ....what de fook
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