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  1. so i take it i would have to rent a different server for each map then ?
  2. will i be able to transfer to other peoples maps (unofficial) dont fancy been stuck to the same map
  3. I reported this about 10 months and still broke
  4. I have reported the constantly getting kicked from 507 and have done this for the past month (Yes I submitted form and so have all the other players too) but still just the same, I would appreciate it more if they just be honest and say they dont know how to fix it or are too busy.
  5. Sorry its not Ark in general, I play on 507 and im getting kicked all the time to the point ive been looking for another pve extinction and over the weekend i tried two other extinction servers and they had usual lag but no disconnections and i asked people of said servers and they said they get none.
  6. Who said they were releasing a new one ?
  7. The one im leaving only has about 15 on and we are constantly getting kicked
  8. I have done the other two bosses on alpha solo but im a little worried over the dragon, I'm not after anything all i want is the engrams, I can bring boss rexes or deinonychus to fight if needed.
  9. Yes if they still are making very buggy games and not fixing them
  10. I'm official would rather put up with connection issues than a abusive admin or someone who just decides to close his/her server down.
  11. Im asking because im thinking of leaving extinction......and before someone says they are all the same they are not i have a temp base on island and it doesnt crash like extinction has been.
  12. i have deinonychus base damage 1208 but will be higher when i imprint them health 5200 was thinking about 16 with ascendant saddles and a yuti
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