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  1. Did you oblige and suck the sausage ?
  2. do i have to do bosses to build tek ? im solo and was wondering
  3. ItWasntMe

    Solo Tribes

    Solo Tribes x3 rates
  4. no m8 i went up very close and still no dmg
  5. You dont understand if you shot it from a distance the queen remained in the air so gig wont help
  6. does sniper still work with bee hive ? im on pve but sniper wont damage hive ?
  7. tek bench hi im using a mod and i have unlocked tek replicator which says has to be crafted in tek bench, my problem is there is no engram showing in tek bench ?
  8. maybe you are right and im wrong m8 im sure someone will say, but never had issues on officials only single player
  9. The other creature i tamed and vanished was a griffin and nothing was in there....anyway if carno had eaten it why was there no loot bag left from yuty ?
  10. ive tamed plenty before and they never attacked once .....for example a wild rex doesnt attack a down wild rex....but thx anyway
  11. wild carnos dont attack unless tamed
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