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  1. The very nature of Ark makes playing on a server a community experience, especially for PvE people. Ark is a game that insist on making you spend hours building, taming, breeding, etc. Legacy players don't even have the "luxury" of server hopping, they're all in this together, days in days out. After trying to play on a "regular" PvE server where people turned out to be nasty af, I moved to play on a Legacy PVE Rag server for hundreds of hours. I loved the people there. Some left, some stayed, of course, but there was a real spirit of community because there was just this map, and there was just us. Some of the veterans on the server ended up serving as unofficial admins (welcoming new people, giving them tips, helping them find a place to set up camp, helping them as they learned their way around, intervening in disputes, etc.). Legacy people do fine without the official support, but their isolation also makes them the less toxic communities of Ark. Something many other servers could learn from. To me, Legacy is the epitome of what Ark should be in PvE. I left for unofficial because after a while, vanilla is just painful. The problem was the lack of mods and the lousy rates. Aside from that, Legacy is honestly the best way to play Ark imho, especially for newcomers.
  2. I'm not sure I want ALL of these but I sure want to see the oceans improved and you bring up excellent points. I hadn't spend a lot of time in the water so far and last week a friend accompanied me to tame my first mosa on Rag. I was so happy with it, I went "cool, now that I have this bada** beast, I want to go sightseeing in the ocean ! What are the cool landmarks around here ?". There was nothing to see for miles... So yeah, upvoted, even though some of that stuff sounds a bit out there for me (water wyverns ? meh). Also, allow me to pimp my own suggestion for a leeds TLC.
  3. I think it's WildCard's way of nerfing the acquisition of otters because they know we're all nuts about them But yeah, the taming experience can be needlessly painful. Upvoted.
  4. Upvoted, because more building options is always better. And I'll add that as a PvE player I could do with greenhouse glass gates for beautification purposes.
  5. To this day I'm not entirely sure why those trophies (all species considered) can't be transfered within a cluster. Upvoted.
  6. What is this "life" you speak of ?! Upvoted, because if balanced well it can be a real improvement. And I don't see it being a problem for the endgame creatures like the wyverns, since they are no tamed parents to speak of.
  7. Suggestion : each week the community crunch should include links to 5 suggestions from the forums (and one given suggestion can't be linked in more than one community crunch). Not necessarily the most popular (not necessarily the least popular of course ) and OBVIOUSLY with no strings attached from the WildCard team, but so that people have a shot at upvoting some suggestions they have not seen. Or don't have the time to comb through. There is just so much to read since the revamp. ...obviously I didn't post that in the suggestions
  8. Hey I want the same Ark too ! I think initially the mods wanted us to discover those things on our own : "oh wow, look at the 1 unit of kibble I got by adding that egg and those vegetables in the cooking pot !". But past the discovery (and a lot of us, hundreds or thousands of hours later, are waaaaaaay past that stage), it just gets tedious. A lot of mods just put the recipes as engrams in the cooking devices (except the new kibble system has led them to say "dinosaur egg 0/1" so good luck remembering which spedies is used in that recipe... I have submitted a suggestion about that problem specifically if you'll kindly take a look). Essentially, what was once a discovery is now a serious pain in the neck. You have to consult third party apps for kibble recipes, for breeding purposes, etc... Doesn't that mean you failed at some point with your UI ? More dinos is something that comes up quite often, and this suggestion is one of the most updvoted so do your civilian duty and upvote it too ! The Primitive+ suggestion has come up before, and is getting lots of traction, so I invite you to upvote it. Power in numbers !
  9. That baby is too OP I can't imagine WildCard not nerfing the guy's harvesting abilities at the very least. And that stomp, oh boy (did you know the Ark Additions Brachio can stomp underwanter... and kill the fishies around even though they are clearly not on land ? #arkphysics). Don't get me wrong, I like the Brachio, but WildCard seems to have a tendency to think that we only deserve pain, suffering, and spending a lot of time to do things. The Brachio is too beautiful for this world. This being said, I ADORE its taming mechanism. It's truly unique and it takes some time to master. It's a precision job (taming is rarely about precision in Ark), it requires a lot of ammo (and no tranq), it's something you can't improvise... it's not something you can do randomly just because you happened to run into one, you have to plan a bit ahead and put in some skill. The Ark Additions brachio is the epitome of adding new challenges to an aging game with just a couple of great ideas. TL;DL : please don't change the taming method for the brachio if it's included.
  10. While I appreciate the kibble rework (though if course I needed a bit of time to adjust), I still find ridiculously annoying how we have to know each recipe instead of finding them ingame (say, as engrams in our cooking devices, or at the very least as notes as is the case for the soups & chilis). I don't like, and sometimes my computer disagrees with it very plainly too, having to use third party websites or apps in order to play the game, especially for something as silly as cooking kibble. Of course with the kibble rework, it's a bit simpler to remember what ingredients are required for what type of kibble. Except for one thing : the eggs. I can't for the life of me remember what eggs are Superior or Regular. Enough with the b*tching, here is my suggestion : give the UNfertilized eggs a halo the same color as the kibble they are useful for. (source : youtube.com/watch?v=eN7m1GU-ss4 ) If UNfertilized eggs came with a pink halo, I'd know they are an ingredient for superior kibble. It'd all make sense. It's really just a halo I want, not changing the system, not changing the reipes, just a visual QoL tweak.
  11. I like how your suggestion (using the wheel to stop the tail movements) makes it optional. There are one or two dinos in my base that are there just a decoration/companionship and I like them to look alive (ally looking, for instance). But the rest are just an annoying bunch that I'm purely exploiting for their eggs, and I would not hesitate to force them to live a life frozen in time. The system you suggest allows me to pick and I appreciate that kind of flexibility. Upvoted.
  12. So many of us use shoulder pets to carry some of our stuff (hell, we've all named some of those "Backpack"), this is the next logical step. Upvoted.
  13. Yes to this. Also : adding similar death beacons for dead creatures from the tribe.
  14. Upvoted, and I'd add : who is the genius who thought it cool to make newborns not being passive ? Anecdote : once a rex attacked my base and my babies went wild in the hatchery. I don't want all the babies in the hatchery to go wild trying to defend the base. You're a baby jerboa lvl 1, eat your berries and stay put for crying out loud. Babies not being born passive is absurd. You end up whistling all day while hatching because ugh.
  15. The underwater aspect of Ark is, sadly (as some suggestions about water DLC will tell you), still underdeveloped. There is just no incentive to spend time in the water, unless you've done everything else on land or something. There is no resource specific to the water (while algae/kelp is everywhere, it's not harvestable), pearls can now be found in other places such as beaver dams, and a lot of maps lack incentives to live in the water even if you can afford it (I personally don't have tek). Why would you go there ? Well, maybe because we could make it slightly easier to live underwater, with the help of an existing creature getting a bit of a TLC. Introducing : THE TAMEABLE LEEDSICHTHYS. It's the big whale you've always known, except now you can tame it, drive it, and build a base inside its mouth. Yeah you read that right. The space in there is about as big as a raft, essentially, except it can go underwater... making effectively the leeds the very first mobile & stealth underwater base option. Having a leeds base would be an incentive to stay in the water and interact more with the creatures around. It could even have a fun option about the inside of its mouth : that if you're on the surface and open its mouth, air comes in (and you can breath in the leeds without a scuba tank), but if your underwater and open its mouth, water comes in (and you need to wear your scuba gear in the base)... Transforming the leeds into a great way to transport land or water dinos (never both at the same time of course) from one place to the other. And I really want to see how PvP players will have fun killing other tribes' leeds and trying to get their loot while surrounded by sharks or jellies or whatever Concept art courtesy of the Walt Disney company
  16. First of all yes, second of all yes. The added bonus of making the deino a climber is making me very happy (and as intended, sets it apart from the classic raptor). Watch me rob nests on the daily. Edit : I just now got that the deino might also like spoiled meat ?
  17. You want the morellatops to spit on your food ? ...Upvoted !
  18. Not sure if there's a technical explanation behind that number but I agree it's annoying. Or at least allow queuing several times the same resource... 999 + 999 + 999 narcos for instance.
  19. A simple QoL thing, really. Singleplayer & solo survivors appreciate the doed's ability to do so. I think every creature that can be carried by an argy should have that ability actually.
  20. Upvoted. In PvE (classic or RP) there would be a real benefit from having community centers that are not depending on someone refreshing them regularly.
  21. Like a lot of things in Ark, it often seems that there is a misunderstanding on the development level about the difference between "spending time in a game that's fun" and "spending time in a game because you're forced to". This is one of the solutions to improve that. Upvoted.
  22. So let me get this straight : a network of servers that people don't use is 50% of the problem in Ark ? Not quite seeing the logic here.
  23. Upvoted if for no other reason than : why the hell not. It doesn't seem like it would be a problem. Though frankly by the time you have a(fire) wyvern, hopefully you don't rely on it for your cooked meat
  24. THIS. I fully support this, but the highlighted parts of this sentence in particular (emphasis mine). I think this is a great opportunity to add layers to early and middle stages. The idea that I could CHOOSE my tech tree progression instead of just following the usual thatch->wood->stone->metal (and tek for those who want to fight bosses), using the materials & Engram points to follow different "branches" is awesome. Out of the 3 DLC, we had a new building tier only once (adobe, in SE), and it vastly depends on what map you're on. Meanwhile Prim+ is right there for the taking, with mats that, I'm assuming, can be collected/crafted easily without tweaks to maps, and offers the equivalent of DLC building tier that we didn't get through Aberration & Extinction (and that the Homestead update only did halfway). Not to mention, being able to combine all the building tiers to design unique bases would be so exciting ! Happy building, happy RPing, more variety in farming... for a lot of players like me, this could feel like an actual DLC, exciting and with new game mechanics to explore. I love all of what this suggests & implies. I cannot overstate how enthusiastic this makes me.
  25. Yes to all of this, and I'll add that some tiers are lacking dreadfully compared to others. The more you progress, the less you have options to decorate your base as if you were actually spending time in it, which is weird because that's when you have more mats to spare and are doing long activities inside, like breeding ! Everything becomes so functional... no wonder most RPers completely ignore the sci-fi aspect of the game. The other day I was building in metal and, well, let's just say that in a bright shiny palace of metal, sitting on a wooden chair at a wooden table looks a bit silly. I can't imagine what it'd be like if I built in tek.
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