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  1. You would think that, but then you start getting hallucinations and it's no better XD
  2. First non-dinosaur creature reveal. Interesting. Horrible, and if I have nightmares I'll hold you personally responsible, but interesting.
  3. The Valentine event is a nice surprise, but the continued commitment to diversity is a solid reminder of what Ark (not just WildCard) is all about.
  4. May the best creature win ! Or best-ish. (I'm hoping for no giant insects XD )
  5. I can only applaud that you are finally telling us more about a game that is (supposedly ?) releasing this year. Even if for now it's concept art and not gameplay, it feels like a reason to be hyped. Concept art is fun. Behind the scenes in general is fun (and can easily be mentioned without showing too much of the more sensitive stuff). Glad that we're finally seeing this. Silence was really a bad strategy. Some answers to accumulating questions would be nice, too, but maybe that's for next week ! They were, in fact, in Ark The First... in the ARKaeology ark event ! I wonder if the two other unique creatures of that event are also going to be in ARK2...
  6. ...If this is the last event, and if no Chibis are added outside of events, this means that there will never be a Chalicotherium Chibi. 💔
  7. The hype for Paleo ARK is real (and I really need to pick up The Sunken World again, it's been a while), a mod worthy of the name as it is, and full of potential for the future. It's very exciting to see happen. The fan art is great and I almost always have my "favorite of the week". It's when there's nothing else to see that I have a problem and it feels like cheap filler. Obviously not an issue this week, though
  8. Yes ! As we all know, only unmarried people can get pregnant. It's science.
  9. I'm proud to support a game that supports people who can get pregnant. No, nothing yet. If you don't use Twitter I recommend watching people like Raasclark, he regularly makes informative videos on top of his gameplay content and guides, and is reliable when it comes to these things. Of course I doubt he'd release information about the Carchar before WildCard, but he sometimes recaps things that have been discussed on Twitter or Discord, so he provides complementary information you're missing out on
  10. Man, I have yet to see a Fjordhawk in my gameplay, but I'm not losing hope... That's my kind of fanart.
  11. Yeah, I really hope PvP and PvE (...and SP ?) have different balances, instead of nerfing both for the benefit of only one mode.
  12. The trailer left me hungry for more, so I'm glad there is this much additional info (here and on the Steam page). The delay was expected, so I'm not gonna pretend I'm annoyed by it, plus of course noone wants a botched release, let alone devs to suffer from crunch. This is, of course, giving me a lot of hope for the sequel. Some of it leaves me skeptical (especially as a PvE player... I also see zero mention of SP despite its popularity for all kinds of players, including builders), but a lot of it gives me faith that there was real ambition behind ARK2. And now, we wait... (Chalicotheriums in ARK2 kthxbai)
  13. Ah that's what I was afraid of. And I suppose you're solo, you don't have a tribemate who could kill the meanies while you pour a cold one to the Chalico ?
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