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  1. Just bought myself a RTX 2080 Ti to run this version on my PC and got the same rendering problem. For hours I tried to find a solution for it from everywhere but only learned that it has been like this for two years... I tried all kinds of settings with no help. My setup holds 16Gb 3200 MHz DDR4 memory and i9-9900k CPU so please don't say it's because of the lack of system performance. Please fix this ASAP
  2. Hi! PS4 can't play with players on other platforms unfortunately... Same goes with players who own the Steam version from the game. Only Xbox players and Windows 10 version owners can use the crossplay feature.
  3. Snow Owl spawns added on Valguero! Going to add other creatures later on as well.
  4. Valguero seems to work now without crashing so make sure to get your base spot while it's still unclaimed!
  5. Summer Bash event is now over and Winter Wonderland is active. Maturation is back to 10x and taming back to 1x
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