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  1. 2x taming (or possible 3x) is gonna stay through the Love Evolved event! Also breeding has been universally set to 15x throughout all servers!
  2. 2x taming will continue till next tuesday. After that we'll switch the event to Love Evolved until Genesis is released!
  3. Faced this issue few days ago myself and found a way to use them. Put the first fence support any way you want. Then place a foundation (I used thatch foundations) close or through that fence support. Now it should let you snap-place the next fence support to the first one. After placing the second support pick up the foundation. Sure it's slower and should be fixed but at least this way you can still use them. Kinda same thing as when they broke tek bridges from snapping. There's a way to still snap them but it ain't easy
  4. 2x taming is now over. We're gonna continue with Easter event on until Tuesday, February 11 when we change to Love Evolved. That will be on until Genesis is released. After Genesis is out we're going to have another 2x tame for a week on other servers except Genesis. Added more specific info about server rates on the OP.
  5. We're slowly starting to get activity once again on the cluster. The Island is almost back to 10 players but because of different timezones getting more ppl on it shouldn't be a problem. There's still few enough players that where ever you decide to settle down you should have complete privacy. All other maps still wait for new players so if you're able, (own dlcs) and might find them interesting, they are almost all clear atm for you to choose a base location from!
  6. Hey there! Tried to message DM you but for some reason it doesn't let me. I usually prefer sharing the info through xbox app messages. I checked your profile and it seems like you play the steam version, is this correct? This cluster only works on xbox consoles and Win10 version of the game. I believe the game is still free if you have game pass and the game pass costs 1€ for the first 3 months. So if you happen to have a windows 10 PC you can still join but you first need to get game pass to be able to freely download ARK from the Microsoft store. If you have the game on xbox, own the win10 or decide to get the 3-month-free "trial", please contact me through xbox live for detailed info for how to join, thank you!
  7. This is the last weekend for 2x taming but the easter event will continue until Valentines Day 5 is officially on!
  8. Missed the whole event because of the Win10 constant whistling bug so yeah....
  9. All servers currently run 2x taming as an "evo event"! Also because of the lack of raptor and gacha claus we have changed the event from winter wonderland to easter event until the next official event (valentines day) is out. Don't be scared to HMU on xbox if you find the cluster interesting! We currently have only 6 active players on the Island so there's still a lot of untouched ground for use (ie. herbivore island)
  10. Aight there's currently a work around "fix" for the whistling problem so we're back in action! Winter Wonderland event doesn't provide anymore presents or even gachas. There has been no info if this is how it's going to stay. We are currently running Easter Event until next Valentines event is officially on.
  11. Just updated the info about our rexes stats and what bosses we have done this far.
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