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  1. Cluster name officially changed from ARK 2020 to ARK 2021! Updated custom drops coming soon!
  2. Join our growing community today and you get to enjoy all the event fun + extra additions while they're still active!
  3. Our new server is finally online! So to explain a little what this is, it's a separate map not attached to this cluster other than by it's nametag. There will be no transfers on this map or out. Map is Ragnarok. The basic idea is to not have unlockable engrams other than couple basic ones, so you have to find blueprints for pretty much everything. And the map really provides pretty much every item from every DLC. The base code is highly modified. Pretty much every setting has been changed and the basic settings differ a little from our main cluster. This is a map for those that try to find
  4. Find these server settings a little too boosted for your taste? Don't worry! We're about to add a separate server just for players like you! The map is Ragnarok. All settings are highly modified, but not really to make it easier. The trick is to not be able to learn engrams so you must find blueprints for pretty much everything. Join our discord today to find out more information!
  5. Turkey Trial is over but Winter Wonderland is almost here! The community has already started making their own Christmas Community Events with really cool ideas and great prizes! Make sure to hop on before the year ends to enjoy all these great activities!
  6. We're about to open yet another (11th) map soon with harder settings than the rest of the cluster and player cap at 50! More info soon on our discord channel!
  7. WC decided to unallow using FE outside official times after all, so now we're running only boosted rates until next Monday. There has not been dino wipe yet so you're still able to find event coloured dinos.
  8. We're able to extend Fear Evolved, so will be running it until November 16th with boosted rates!
  9. "If the rumors are true and we get to keep running the event even after it's officially over, I will extend it to last until November 16th (two weeks from now) to compensate lost event time due to all these problems. This will include boosted rates with the exception of lowering taming boost back to 6x for the rest of the event after this Friday."
  10. Boosted event rates currently active until November 13th! Fear Evolved starts and ends the same time with official.
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