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  1. Jallerton

    need help cannot join

    I've played after the update tho. Lastnight. For atleast 2 hours afterwards. Seems that it stopped working during the time I went to sleep.
  2. Jallerton

    need help cannot join

    Downloaded my updated last night both 3.somthing gig and a 108mb ab update. I got on fine aftwerwards. I wake up go to log in and I get a joining session message for about an hour and a half so far. This is why ppl are dropping off and not playing anymore. We've lost quite a few tribe members Bc of how bad this game operates.
  3. Jallerton

    Rag Server 164 stuck in crash and rollback mode

    This is rly getting old. Everything works fine, them wham. Get a 30g update that destroys everything I'm raising since the update I've been able to get in once in the past 9 hours. And that was halted by a crash n rollback. Only to not be able to get back to feed or take care of anything I have being raised. I'm already counting the babies as a loss. At this point when is this going to be resolved so I can take my stuff and transfer off this god forsaken rag server... I would honestly recommend fixing your game before players finally give up on you Wildcard... it's really depressing to dedicate an unhealthy amount of time to your product jus for things to be this bad. It's really embarrassing on your behalf.
  4. Jallerton


    Same with 467...
  5. Same thing on 467... can't get pass loading screen.