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  1. Skyridge1


    trying this soon with my rexs base hp 11k and 425% Dmg
  2. Skyridge1

    best way to kill Deathworms?

  3. Skyridge1

    Megatheriums Vs Broodmother

    Megatheriums rip the spider queen apart
  4. Skyridge1

    best way to kill Deathworms?

    Went in with a megatherium with around 12k hp and 350%Dmg and with the bug boost it gets, which is 25% resistance and 25% incress in dmg output, you ko it in around 20-30 secs and take about 500hp dmg. piece of cake.
  5. Skyridge1

    Can an alpha Rex be tamed?

    no alpha can be tamed
  6. Skyridge1

    Artifact of the Massive

    i always run naked through this cave, take rights at all intersections and it will lead you to the arty. I choose to craft a good amount of sleeping bags and place at start of cave and then i kite all the enemies into the lava and away from the path to the arty. Then once i have the arty, start heading back the way you came but take a left at the first intersection after the arty and follow the path back up to the exit, make sure to run it a couple times to learn the layout of the cave, you wont lose anything but alittle time.