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  1. No Trailer So Unhappy. So Excited for Chibi's tho
  2. PVE CLAIM SYSTEM BROKEN Well done Wild Card for braking yet more stuff. Claim system on veins and drops not working on Official PVE servers. PPL stealing the veins and drop loot after we have completed it (AFTER WE CLAIMED IT). Can't farm Veins on this extra life event. Thank you Wild Card
  3. Bear on abberration Beats both by a long way. On 2x easy over 5k org poly in less than 5 min
  4. best way to kill dodorex? lol
  5. Do you keep the zomdodos and wyverns? even after event. If not don't think I will bother going to those maps just for temp tames
  6. Do you get anything for killing dodorex & dodowyvern? Is it worth going to those maps and killing them?
  7. looks like it's just The Island and SE. Gr8 way to bring the disappointment
  8. Personally think 3x is a bit much.. But the concept of this is a great idea! Maybe 2x would be great like call them Evolution Servers or something along them lines.. I will defo be trying them out I am glad you are testing something like this! I really do think its a good idea.. About the pillaring though, I have mixed feelings about this at one point i'm like yay! they now can't pillar large numbers of places and sell them off... Or people cant block us in from building anymore! But then I'm like, people can build right next door to us and when we are half way through a building we cant finish it off because someone has half built their building and a war breaks out because no one wants to move. You stop the ignorance of certain people, but it hurts the genuine people. I think spawn points should be blocked from building on... So many times I have re-spawned and been stuck in buildings ! Not been able to get out.. This will effect the spawns for resources and animals unless you have turned it off where no one can build at main resources.. Or your reports will have to include any main resources blocked will need to move, which makes 10x more work for you guys.. As much as I would loooove for you to take away the pillaring situation, I think it will effect us more than them
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