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  1. Valentine's Day Event! ??? on the 13 we a at the 14 n and stil no Valentine's Day Event! and server is cap is nodt go to be eny godt Valentine's Day Event! ;(
  2. krammedyr

    MassivelyOP 's Article on Ark(not good)

    listen to rumors is a bat fing
  3. i living in denmark and i cant nodt oreder it ;(
  4. krammedyr

    Ascension from SE to Aberration

    ark cras whne i open smit 3 time and den ark cras
  5. krammedyr

    New Player Start

    if you whont to try ark star on pve nodt pvp
  6. krammedyr

    video Arking Puns

    oke nice 1
  7. krammedyr

    video Everything you need to know about the Direwolf

    thk for the nice info and a godt video
  8. krammedyr

    Chain Saw

    me to h the sam problim 2 time to day