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  1. Its a suggestion, not an argument. I've stated in the beginning that the HLNA talking was secondary and personal opinion. The main topic is the pvp balance and accessibility in the radial menu in regards to the HLNA
  2. Unrelated, i already got those options setup. The main problem lays on the beacon HLNA is in a pvp situation, having to chase it around it in your screen to get it off is a big nuisence while in the middle of a run is troublesome. There is already an option to bring it back up in the wheel, i dont see why there hasnt been implemented the other end, which is, to hide it.
  3. HLNA wheel radial menu for compact mode Please add a Compact mode to HLNA on the menu. It's really frustrating to have the option to Come Back on the menu after its set to compact mode and not to Be Gone. main reasons behind it, first being pvp. Having HLNA all the time is a big beacon saying "IM HERE". Usually after teleporting you'd hide it, and ONLY put it out when needed to teleport.
  4. Contribution for better Presence with Ark and Discord Scroll to the bottom for video showcasing the currently working code. The jist of this is to enrich the current presence discord pulls from the ark data as there isnt anything apart from the fact the it detects the game. Since its a verified game it has been sumbitted upon the discord library however nothing else has been done apart from that. What im proposing/coding is a extended status info showing more info about the game like more popular games do. One example is Fortnite, as it adds a Group Number to display players in lobby, the gamemode and the status on the current match. The actual code ive implemented so far on my client does: - Display Server Name - Display current game status aka In Menu or In server (there isn't a hook i can pull to check if idle on menu or in singleplayer) - Server Map type (aka. Extinction, Crystal Isles, Ragnarok....) - Current playing DLC with Icon to enrich status -Time Elapsed Ingame (default) - Sends an Auth through Steam's Api to check current server Planned - Display server player count on current server playing - Hide info if server type = pvp to prevent sniping - More integration for non-official maps with their custom icons (if provided for me to add onto the assets) - Smarter handler to properly match server map with icons if icons are not provided for that type - Faster updater to get server info before client joins for a more precise status in real time - Check game state for adding status to : Idle, Loading Menu, Loading Server, Loading Singleplayer and more complex game states This is just something im working on to improve ark a little bit, as theres no contribution/commits tab for ark, only a suggestion feed. So im making a post and linking it to whomever may be interested. The project is not final, its in early private access and subject to change. Any questions feel free to hit my discord up, please be considerate of time zones and spam. Not Erwin#8753
  5. OSD's dropping Boss Portal Summons Basically, this: https://imgur.com/a/6nNLOC2 Any Tips? Tried Beacon App to produce a osd table to see if this would fix by providing it a custom loot table, didnt help Mod using to summon this on island ==> https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1904253531
  6. Fix meshing before you even think about removing legacy, that is the only official cluster where we are allowed to protect from meshing by placing defenses in mesh too. Some of us dont like being meshed on other cluster and not get our stuff back while the meshers get a warning over our months work base.
  7. Hey invincible, would you happen to know where i could get a server save of the great migration #3? Idk if they havent uploaded them yet or if they have and im not finding it. Little help pls?

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