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  1. Hey, You said you wanted to join my server?


    Abberration boosted stats.

    1. Deadgiga
    2. Guangui


      Sure youll have to message me on xbox to get the password. 


      The server's name is "Angel's Server"


      GT: Veor

    3. Deadgiga


      I can't that's what I'm saying lol

      But I mean message cj357386


  2. How to leave abberation

    U can't go up without gear it came out two days ago lol I'm still not off aberration
  3. The silent Giga nerf

    Man I have no mutations lol sounds like great giga lol
  4. The silent Giga nerf

    I have 27k hp and 369m
  5. The silent Giga nerf

    What's ur melee
  6. So is Aberration fun?

    Right lol
  7. The silent Giga nerf

    Ya sounds good just lmk what happens
  8. The silent Giga nerf

    Wait so they're going to nerf gigas lol I'm super confused
  9. The silent Giga nerf

    The update didn't change gigas they've been nerfed before u really think that they're still to op? Ppl like to make poop up and I went on meat run and kentros spawn under my base mountain on rag they never enraged my giga but ig it's different for tamed ones but only dumb asses use those lol they enrage sooooo easy without imprint
  10. I've been tryin for two days now lol
  11. Is there any way I u guys can make drops more common I need to imprint lol I'm trying to find a drop and it's just not showing and every time I go to shore I get killed by like a raveger lol it's annoying how much they spawn
  12. The silent Giga nerf

    Also I have fought kentros with a 55% imp gigs never enraged but that's just Me?
  13. The silent Giga nerf

    Just saying it's very unlikely that someone in a battle will pull off not only getting close but also getting shots off from close range lol but still that's poop
  14. Sorry I'm just pissed can't get my 96 character off aberration official xbox