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  1. Uuuuuh, no. Utah raptor is the raptor in game, and it is the correct size. you are thinking of Velociraptor. AND FOR THE LAST TIME, MUTATIONS ARE NOT CROSSBREEDS. It is stuff like stats and other changes when breeding, not completely impossible breeds happening for the sake of new creatures.
  2. It seems that Mac users are unable to update to the latest version, and therefore can not play the game. Can this be fixed, or is there some kind of procedure?
  3. To everyone saying "Finally a synapsid" *cough cough* Scorpio and Faneblackwing *cough* The dimetrodon is one too, so... finally a second synapsid I guess. It looks awesome though!
  4. Also no one thought of the amazing things. One is that thatch and wood weigh one with of normal, and stone weighs half in a beaver's inventory. Second... think about it. A smithy with no slot limit besides the beaver's weight. Hasn't everyone been whining about being unable to craft certain blueprints? ASCENDANT blueprints? Here is the answer. Beavers are by far one of the best additions to the game, but so many failed to see that because its not a dinosaur.
  5. Guys quit complaining. "oooh its not a dinosaur, it sucks" is the worst reason to hate it ever. Sure it gets wood like a mammoth, but once saddled it is literally a living smithy. That is very useful if you need to repair armor on the go.
  6. Has this happened to anyone else? I have gone to EXACT coordinates of where people have found deep sea loot crates but there is nothing there. What should I do?
  7. One thing I'm wondering: How would it get on land in the underwater caves like in the picture?
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