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  1. is there any ground out of water in there? Place where I can stand and consume food, drinks etc.
  2. Everything looks kinda crappy on my settings, but Ci doesn't infuriate me as genesis1 did. Having fun so far actually. For each their own I guess, but for me gameplay was always more important than eye-candy and Ci plays just fine eventhough it does need a lot of work still.
  3. is it intended to be one sulfur spawn for whole map or is it WIP?
  4. I don't blame you for it. It's just kinda inconsistent and that bothers me - you can get to charge nodes and gas nodes on different server too, yet those treated as violation.
  5. Frog needs some changes. Egg incubation is as long as rex egg. Everything should be happening in water until full maturation. Need to commit to hatching once you mated a pair since you can't even pick the egg up. Playing on official? Have fun chasing tadpole around your pool while it spazes around randomly. Game allows to unpod growing frog outside of water, instantly killing it instead of just showing reject reason message. Since creature comes out not from the visual pod model, but slightly higher, possibility of pod bouncing off of the bottom and deploying baby in air is considerably high. Why?! Is frog considered to be as strong as rex by devs?
  6. I would prefer them to see it your way =)
  7. I disagree. People who quit are not often lurk around checking what's going on with the game, so you ("you" as a developer/publisher here) would need to advertise it. Saying your game became a lot less poopty more optimized and bug free kinda implies that it was bugged and bad. Even if your message reaches those who quit, they probably won't come back just because stuff that annoyed them to the point they quit is now fixed. "too late" would be the response. Alright, lets assume they did come back and playing. Who cares about them? You can't sell them bugfixes... yet. So you get nothing from them playing again. Okay okay, they boost your CCU, but you can achieve same with DLCs. Being happy, leaving positive reviews, spreading the news about you changing your ways for the better... If any of that had any significance then you would pay more attention to community opinion already. And if you don't then it's safe to assume general level of disappointment doesn't affect your sales. People who are still playing are payed already and hey, they are still here aren't they? So you can pretty much ignore them completely. Now DLCs are the real hot poop! This is what makes people come back. This you can promote as best thing that ever happened to ark. It will get bug fixes only first few weeks or maybe even months, but eventually get abandoned with major design flaws, bugs and exploits, but at this point it won't be refundable and sales will get low anyways, doesn't matter if you still fixing it or not at that point, so you can work on new DLC and so on.
  8. Fixing the game is not profitable alas.
  9. People spending lots of time on tuso breeding didn't stop WC from nerfing it and another popular specie got butchered not so long ago. So it's possible, but seeing how they dance around mana trying to balance it without actually changing anything makes me think it's highly unlikely that this abomination will ever get fixed. I do believe someone in dev team just likes it too much to admit mana is their Concorde.
  10. I tried searching holding H and fly high so trees won't render while dinos are still visible, looked under the map from few spots. Giga is a large creature, should be hard to miss.
  11. No log message when dino is despawned by tree? Well fed giga on passive disappeared from base. Me and another player from same server was searching for quite a while. Around base, away and even far from base, direction it was facing up to carno island, 50-50 redwwood... no luck. Yet tribe log shows nothing. While I can't be sure it is not swimming in ocean in the farthest corner of the map, it does seem like my giga just disappeared and there are 3 tree spawns very close or at exact spot it was standing. Any way to check if it was disintegrated by antimesh system and if so do devs restore dinos lost in this way?
  12. No? Are you saying that upgrading the game to new engine version IS the same as rewriting the code using new language or actually AS harsh as starting from scratch? To clarify: it does require a lot of work and since upgrading engine even within UE4.x was not an option, transition to UE5 most probably will never happen. I was commenting on "using new language" statement which is incorrect.
  13. Character's skinned mesh is drawn twice for some reason. Torsos play slightly more noticeably different animation than legs(which look almost okay). That's why you see doubled hands. No idea why mesh loaded twice though, some glitch.
  14. This is not true. It's in engine developer's best interest to make upgrade as easy as possible for their customer. They don't want you to finish current game and think about UE5 later. No no no, do it now! Support will guide you through this process, holding your hand and whispering reassuring things in your ear. You can still have everything important as an external code in C for example and poke those functions with your blueprints. It is like that already for Ark. Often, new version of the engine would convert your project's scripts and other assets to compatible form. That doesn't mean though that everything is automated and you have to do nothing. As the very least - lighting in UE based games goes messed up with every new version and assuming they changed a lot with introduction of Lumen it's more than likely that game will look like ass after conversion. Contrast, brightness, tint, shadows : everything will look off and require manual tweaking. I'm sure WC would have to change their own code, but it's far from doing it in new language and definitely not as harsh as assembling a whole game from scratch.
  15. For me it's like this: raptors give loot 90% of the time, carnos - sometimes, rexes - almost never.
  16. Level probability is intact from the beginning if I'm not mistaking. Rates went up, some dinos had TLCs, DLCs offer low effort rare materials. You can say game becomes a bit easier with time passing and level distribution might look even worse now on contrast. Toughest parts of the map with level 15 dinos wandering around always felt weird to me.
  17. You pillar the dams. Spawns work, anyone can tame a beaver or get paste at any time. You get reported. GM destroys you pillars... and your gates, and maybe half of your base. Whoops. Happens to everyone. Have a nice day. People on forums get angry at you for trying to protect those beaver dams. Bob sees amazing spot for a base and it's right next to beaver dams. Jackpot! He builds 100x100x100 empty base which destroys the dams. You report him and get response about that spot not being a protected area. Few more Bobs come and completely destroy every single beaver spawn on the map. Along with beaver dams obviously. No one can get paste from dams or tame a beaver. People at forums get mad at you for trying to report poor little Bob and his pretty base. Sometimes you just can't win, mate.
  18. Should have told her it was one of ark's bugs.
  19. Proper poopposting. Part 3. One for genesis dinos this times. Or lava biome creatures to be more specific. Swamp X para, for example, doesn't look like it requires poop different from default.
  20. Try to peek under it with camera orbit or whatever the name of K mode is.
  21. Ty, was checking favorited servers and battlemetrics. Guess server's IP has changed.
  22. eu pve island198 is down for 2 days eventhough I reported it yesterday 8(
  23. Same here. Server is down this early is a baaad sign. Usually I hatch eggs, get baby to 10% and FO for the rest of the day since I can't do anything meaningful anyways - server can drop me at any time and crash is matter of time.
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