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  1. Why wouldn't they? Ark doesn't have a subscription payment model. No microtransactions either. As soon as I bought the game or DLC, I don't matter anymore. 1 year after DLC release it's already "cold". Same for ark1 in general. Only reason to spend more money on it is if sells were still booming. Now I have no idea if it is or isn't so, but would be very surprised if ark1 sells was high enough to consider developing it any further after ark2 release. And that's now, 1-2 years from now it would be worse. Alright, you got me. I'm crazy tinfoil crackpot conspiracy theorist. Now can we m
  2. A year or two. Yes, I do think so. Why would they keep and support 2 games competing with each other? As for vicious cycle of getting and losing stuff. Maybe that's just it. A lot of legacy servers are closed by now. Those were ditched for brand new servers which supposed to be free of duping, meshing and everything bad in ark, but they wasn't. Ark2 has a chance to do much better if they do it from scratch, though for me personally it could be simply unplayable due to higher hardware requirements. WC might try to "cheat" by copy-pasting too much of old code. Their management and inv
  3. But that's not a valid comparison. To make it closer: Imagine a phone that will most likely get discontinued after new version release. You won't be able to get your contacts to new phone. Can't export, can't move on SIM card, can't even write it down on a piece of paper to type in your new phone by hand. And you will completely forget everything related to your old phone. If it was like that then yes, it would be wiser to limit this phone usage to a minimum and move to PC or other phone instead. At least until new version gets released. Ark is not a phone and even compar
  4. Add an ichtyornis flock to make it even more annoying for people standing on flyer's back.
  5. Getting there faster doesn't help much if you have 3-4 people competing with you for that gift. Last year or one before that we managed to sort it out, kinda. People were claiming/calling gifts they are going for("going for third" or "taking one that just popped") and waited on the ground under falling gift. Not everyone respected these "rules", but it did work more often than I expected. You can try something like that or wait till last days of event as suggested above.
  6. Здесь просто форум, который никто из разрабов не читает. Место, где игроки выпускают пар после того, как их в очередной раз арк отаркал во все арки. Вот про трайбы, там есть ссылка на то как тикет создавать. Инглиш. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002099353-Tribe-Issue-Policies
  7. - если сингл, то подними старое сохранение - на чьём-то сервере можешь попросить админа вернуть, если сможешь доказать, что трайб действительно твой - на оф сервере никак, разве что поддержку долбить, но вряд ли они чем-то помогут т.к. технически всё сработало как и положено
  8. Tbh I don't understand that part at all. While it really is very different from everything else they did, but I'm missing the grandeur part of it. Animation itself is not disney/pixar/dreamworks quality, yet it's not a machinima with reusing of existing game assets. It can't be consumed again and again as we do with a game which is an interactive media. What I'm trying to say is what's it purpose? Is animation series really profitable nowadays?
  9. So ark2 is supposed to be "beyond anything we've ever done prior". Quite the opposite imho. I fail to see how it's any different from anything they always did. Looks like a part of same old vicious cycle: rush release - patch it a bit - start something new and abandon everything you did before - repeat Engine is not what holds ark back. Problem is their organisation of development process and management. Eventually ark2 will repeat every mistake ark1 did and add few more on top. Higher system requirements will prevent a lot of people from playing. Emphasis on better graph
  10. Do beaver dams generate more paste on increased rates? If not, then swamp cave is still better. During charity event you could inventory cap with cp from 1 cave run.
  11. It's a bug that is not worth the time needed to fix it. Even when toilet was working as intended you could still drain your stamina and poop 3-4 times in a row. So basically same result in any case, only difference is that it's effortless now.
  12. Ah, ty, Now I understand what's all the hubbub is about. Kinda hard not to overhype with statement like this. Then I'll change my bet to maturation_speed/mutation_chance increasing candies or device. Or maybe it's still new DLC, but properly tested this time, would perfectly fit description =P
  13. I didn't see announcement. If it's big - gen2, if not so big - some meaningless stuff like "guess what this slightly mutilated conceptart is", ant chibi or another pair of underpants. Anyways, I don't have high hopes so it would be hard to disappoint me.
  14. Turkey paratroopers falling from the sky would like to welcome you to Aberration.
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