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  1. Fiber city cluster unofficial pc session great rates, and admins Fiber city has terrific rates in all categories. Insta tame with Dino lvl being 600 max. They have very active and fair admins. With a discord set up to join. You can donate for just about anything ark has to offer. Also with a shop that runs off element as currency. Head on over to fiber city discord and tell them feedsoveryonder sent you for a free max lvl griffin as a starter among other things.
  2. Fiber city. Great rate. Insta tame. Great and active admins Fiber city is one of the best clusters I have played on. With great admins and great prices for donators. Becoming a donator also give you priority in the element shop as well. Once you select a server to play a discord message will appear join and message an admin that feedoveryonder sent you to recieve a free max lvl griffin. Player lvl 284 Dino max lvl 600. Servers run 4-5 months with 2 weeks in. They also have a zero mesh policy. Thanks and enjoy
  3. Fiber city insta tame quick breeding great admins Fiber city cluster is one of the best fiber craft servers I have played on. They have great admins reasonable prices for people wanting to donate and have a zero mesh policy. Servers run 4-5 months have been running 2 weeks. Once you join the map of your choice a discord message will pop up. Join and tell them feedoveryonder sent you to recieve a free max lvl griffin. Player lvl 284 Dino lvl 600 they also have an element shop as secondary currencies
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