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  1. After looking into this on Discord, I’ve found that the tribe limit is 15 and that there is starter Griffins and white drops give you a kit.
  2. Been seeing this server all over when looking for a server. Saw you guys had tons of maps. Got a few questions - how often does it wipe? And also, what are the donations?
  3. JUST ARK YOURSELF - JUST WIPED 10 MINS AGO - Starters - 1 Center, 1 Scorched, 1 Rag, 1 Island, and a Legacy raid map (changes legacy servers every 4 days). I hope to grow this server to 8 70 slot maps! - Insta tame - Insta Engrams and Level - Custom drops - Max player level 150 - Max Dino level 300 - ORP weekdays, purge weekend (except for this weekend) (May take a vote to remove it) - Many base spots open! Questions? Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/33pwwA7
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