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  1. MTS Style XBOX Server 3 Man PvP Valguero Map. Ark players - Get Paid £££ to Play our Servers! MTS Style 3 MAN PvP Server has landed on XBOX, hosted by the popular Trickys Ark Community, and launches on the new Valguero Map today! Join by searching: MTS 3 Man PvP 7.5 Rates 5x Offline Turret Damage All rates are boosted by 7.5x Breeding is faster! Starvation is slower! Night is shorter! Player stats have been balanced according to PvP with minor adjustments to quality of life. Interested in earning Amazon / XBOX Gift Cards whilst playing our Ark Servers?! Visit https://www.patreon.com/trickysark and join our community to support the cost of our Servers. In return you will be rewarded a £50 Gift Card for every 10 members you recruit! Just chat to people while playing Ark and invite them along! We also have regular give-aways like GPU's and other Tech Parts to our members who recruit the most! You can chat to us on Discord https://discord.gg/dgatgWG Server population will increase in line with the Trickys Ark Membership and general popularity.
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