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  1. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Female Raptors should lose the plumage all together to make them stand out from the males. Titanoboa should be scaled up in size and be given different animations and made rideable. Sarcos need some love for mechanics and retexture. I feel that anglers need to look Creepy since they’re found deep below. Same with megaladons, they need to look scary. Carnotaurus also needs to look more bad and intimidating, maybe bigger horns and more muscle. Just to name a few!
  2. Mysterious Mysteries: Introducing ???????

    Please make it tameable/rideable! It looks a lot like a basilisk!
  3. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Since you guys added in a lot of mythical creatures (wyvern, deathworm, unicorn etc) can we please see a tameable/ rideable basilisk? That would be really cool since we can’t ride the titanoboas. Also maybe in a dlc could you guys possibly add animals that exist today? I’d really like to see killer whales or maybe even a giraffe in the game. And are we ever going to see a tameable Ant queen? And last thing I hope you guys add more prehistoric sharks into the game, I still kind of feel like the ocean is lacking in marine life!