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  1. Let us face facts here, not everyone is in a huge tribe. In fact there area a good number of solo players. Yet there are breeders out there who think its perfectly okay to charge an outrageous amount of dust or tek for their raised dinos. Dinos which they imprinted, so you (the buyer) have no 'bro-fist' bonus on top of whatever imprint amount they got on top of their base stats. The extinction map has been out barely 4 months, and breeders expect a solo player to have made 100,000+ of dust or its Tek equivalent. If you are in a 'tater computer situation like I am there is no dealing with the city lag since it negates being able to 'mine' the dust making benches/lamp posts/tables due to crashes and being unable to log back in again. Then there's solo players like me who can only do 10k veins or drops safely without loss of tames. Even a dust gacha can only produce so much per hour, and that's if you run it non-stop without a break. Even the pricing for OP eggs is substantial and out of reach for solo players. If there are breeders willing who want to help deal with the situation at hand, get on the forums and outdeal those that are ruining the game for their own greed. Underprice them with equally good raised dinos. Undercut them with equally good eggs. Be flexible with your payments for those that are solo players or are new to game. You still get things you will need for use now and in the future, and they get a dino they can use that can give them an advantage in battle or in gathering resources.
  2. Magmorta

    Cant find server where i played anymore?!?

    Did you favorite it? If not, I would suggest doing so and scrolling to 'favorites' to find it.
  3. We have dino leash now so the hitch post isn't really needed.
  4. Magmorta

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    499 our base gone in city near north gate area gone. GG on that update. No roll back to fix it too I'm sure cuz WC cannot get their stuff together if it were to save their souls.
  5. Magmorta

    Extinction Release Megathread

    Just look up survivetheark on twitch its posted there
  6. Magmorta

    Extinction Release Megathread

    *said in bad French accent* "3 hours later..." Slow claps for WC not delivering on their download date / time. Its Aberration all over again. You would THINK they'd have their stuff together, but nope. Absolute fail all over. You guys should have figured out those mechanics before stating on a charity live stream how it was going to be on time. If you were in court you'd be held in contempt for lying under oath. So what's next, them giving this over to Snail games too so the Chinese can run rampant as they do on every other map and server out there. Will we even see them actually FIX the game like it should have been months upon months ago? Doubt it at this point. Way to go giving your GMs so much work to do and not dealing with stuff like undermeshing / overmeshing / building out of zone, multiple alt account sister tribes with 500 dinos each in same area with big base from the nether portions of hades, pillaring / foundationing and outright building so others cannot build and so forth.
  7. Magmorta

    Update on Conquest Servers

    Glad that I left this mess of toxic players and bullies behind. Tea seems all nice but yeah I was told don't mess with them. Cute. So when the blazes we getting some more PVE servers huh? Its been over 6 months and all you give us is PVP servers full of kids / adults who claim they 'own the server' who think its okay to go against code of conduct via: swearing a LOT, joking about sexually assaulting others, using offensive names for player / tribe / tames, use of racial slurs, use of slurs against certain types of individuals, and running around making sure game play is NOT fun for anyone just starting out. GG on the biggest mistake you all ever made. Now you hand it over to the box tribe backers. So American of you. What's next, us handing over America over to the Chinese?
  8. Magmorta

    ARK data downloads disabled

    If you are unable to download it may be due to a server tame cap. If you happen to have a fertilized egg, put it down in a hatchery or other heat source to see if it incubates or if you get 'too many tames in this Ark' message. If you get the latter, you may have to kill off tames to bring in tames.
  9. Just curious if anyone has previously left negative comments that were not warned by mods and how such were worded in order to stay within the forum rules. Is it as simple as posting 'Do Not Trade. PM for details.' or 'Bad Trader/Seller'. Or is this too considered name shaming? Feedback on how you may have left a comment that wasn't outright warned on is appreciated without discussing the reason behind said comment. Just a simple what you left as the comment suffices. Thanks all in advance.
  10. Magmorta

    How to get forum help?

    She prob cannot state that due to 'name and shame' rules.
  11. Magmorta

    How to get forum help?

    They have a high ticket volume and it can take up to three weeks. Just keep screenshotting the harassment for additional proof to add to the ticket. Maybe they'll ban the individual(s) in question.
  12. Magmorta

    Banned with no notification

    I would think they would email you with the whole why you got banned. I'd suggest checking what is listed in the 'code of conduct' and see where you went wrong. But as you said there is no appeal. Doubt they'll be giving you that money back either.
  13. Magmorta

    Megalanias. Why not?

    Good to know you can transfer in the megalania. That would be nice to have something other than a drake if you needed to climb around. Also thylas in abb would be great too since from what I've read on a wiki you can bring them into the Rockwell fight. Abb thylas would be awesome but omg the redwoods all over would so not be a fun place to be lol.
  14. Magmorta

    New Servers soon? Comment!

    True on that count but the outcry on such a drastic move would probably earn them some serious scorn. After all there are some very old rex lines out there that breeders would have a conniption fit over if they poofed.
  15. Magmorta

    New Servers soon? Comment!

    Ah but will they do it or is it honestly true the devs don't care. That is the question.