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  1. So you drop a ridiculous teaser awhile back that basically gave us stupid Dino piles for skins! Then cancel a Halloween event to give more focus on Extinction and yet you still can’t release a map on time? Seriously get it together, I’ve been gaming for years and haven’t such shoty developers! Stick to your timeline, work longer days if you have to in order to deliver a product on time! And only 4 days before the release? You had to have known further in advance, right? But you have time to do a fundraiser and give 8x for official? You are a full release game and are liable for what you do now! Get it together already!
  2. ?? Attention fellow arkers!!!!! Getting tired of the same old servers that have died off and aren't active anymore? Or tired of admin abuse or even corrupt admins? Wanna have fun on a semi boosted server? Then look no further ladies and gents cuz forsaken hunters LLC is the answer we have a new rag pvp server on xbox. We have active and helpful admins that also host two weekly events along with other mini events and bag drops a great community with other games as well. We have custom drops and are giving out starters and just incase something accidental happens all white drops are starter kits. So what are you waiting for come join us today!!!! Must join discord to play on server. Message me for the discord link!! ??
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