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  1. Thefloodhunter

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    I would love to see Megalodons get some love. Right now they get quickly outclassed by nearly any other water mounts (and some other land/sea hybrid mounts), and they don't look nearly as menacing as other sea creatures. Suggestions for change: increased stamina, as it drains quite quickly and makes exploration very choppy. Possibly a model size increase: Megalodons were the biggest sharks to ever live, a size increase seems warranted.
  2. Please fix the ps4 sound update!
  3. So after downloading last night's patch, I've noticed a number of animal's sound effects (terror bird, dire wolf, and argentavis so far) sound very low quality, as if played through a very small speaker. Many other sound effects sound fine, such as gun reloading and crafting.