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  1. Silica pearls, oil and obsidian in Aberration

    Another oil resurce are oil rock on bottom of overlook on beatch of element river. Obsidian is all aroun bioluminescent zone usually on lages.
  2. Headlight attachments for dino saddles

    Use light pet form aggeration with lvls in charge range.
  3. I can confirm, that I didnt see basilisk of Karkinos BP in normal inland drops and surfice drops but I didnt pick up much cave drops (inside 3 artefact caves).
  4. I would bring therezino and yuty.
  5. Glider + Zipline Motor and Dyes

    Actually glider can be paint separately and it will overwrite colour region of t-shirt. But motor is pain. You can paint pants with motor but when you remove it and place back paint is gone.
  6. I hate this bug. Last week I hold 190 egg which spoil immediately and left sadness in my hearth .. until bunch of rockdrakes charged me..
  7. Devs inactivity

    It isn't that long ago when ppl was complaining on forum then there is too many patches deployed. You never please everybody I guess...
  8. Dino's in the radiation zone

  9. A good laugh

    We got our ascendant torch blueprint from drop in ice cave. Not inside just that 5-6 drops you can fly to.
  10. Rockwell Acheivements

    I would like to have Rockwell kill as achivement too. There is no such thing now. At least not on steam. If you will kill him only creadit you will get is tek item unlock for that character. Even costume Items Rockwell drops arent account bound and you will loose them eventionaly (same as manticore gear set).
  11. Event this Weekend?

    Doest higher rates seriously lower "official difficulty"? I was told over and over that only real Ark is official. So why criple official rates? You are asking to degrade godly officials into every second unofficial crapy server around. Where is your "hardcore" and "official is only real Ark" spirit, guys?
  12. Solo rock drake advice

    You can replicate our first egg steal. Its not fast but its safest method I so far came with.
  13. How to get red gems

    Safest way is follow roll rats and pick up red gems they dig out. Red gems are also rarely falling from earthquakes. Yellow inland drops has also chance to give you red gems. Otherwise best source are red gem crystal in radiation zone or red biome.
  14. Dear Wildcard...

    I had kinda ups and downs with a rockdrakes "experience". When I saw them on a teaser I was like "Yep, I need that one in my live". Then I saw them in twitch streams and I was deeply disappointed by they look "Such downer ... they are ugly". They aren't that nice looking as I hoped for. What's worse the most common colour is green. When we hatched our first 50 I wasn't sure if I am interested in that weird scaly crooked front teeth thing what so ever. Until I took it on the ride in fertile chamber. "Hell yeah, they feel good to ride!" I love them since then. Their movement feels so right and they open whole map for you. @MayaPatch For your question. I may tell you something you may already know but most ppl (in youtube) didnt realize this feature exist so I am mentioning it. Left click changes climbing mode (white paw in right top corner of screen) and normal walking mode. If you glide to the wall and not have climbing mode your drake on he will just scrape his face against a wall as he fall down as potatoe. And I think that whats happend to you on surface (you had climbing off). Tricky thing is when you use a leap (crosshair + right click) it automaticly switches into climbing mode. So it's not obvious feature.
  15. Hazmat Suit not protecting

    Well, if I knew that I have pleasure to speak with one of Olis haters I woudnt waste my breath with any explenations. Olivars sandbox is mine as well. And its me who is behind "close to official possible" rates, just saying. Our kills are legit.