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  1. Meshi

    Tamed Reaper Colours

    I have 11 reapers so far. All of them has black back. Middle/sides are orangle blue and drak brown. Bellys are yellow-ish, orange-ish and white. So yes I asume thats full colour pallet they do have.
  2. Bosses will have correct stats and HP. I can confirm that Lystrix and Megapithecus fight will be same. If your players will not manage to stuck it against object. But not all mechanic are working correctly with dragon and manticore. I didnt test Rockwell yet. What I saw on videos he will spawn tentacles but I am not sure about orbs and adds.
  3. Meshi

    industrial grinder produces organic polymer

    Organic polymer is super easy to get on every expansion map, it spoils and stuck by 10. That makes it less useful for items which needs load of materials (high blueprints). Regular polymer never spoil and stucks by 100. Base on that I would say that organic is weaker but more accessible for or regular which is superior. So it make sense that grinder will give you weaker form (to avoid cheap transformation weaker to superior) .
  4. Meshi

    Tek Cave Help!

    Limit is 10 players and 50 dinos. When you arrive to the teleporter to the overseer all dinos which are allowed to be teleported to other bossfight will be teleported (so technically you can take all 50 up). This information isnt hidden its on start of almost all videos when ppl enters cave there is counter on top of the screen. If you will take dinos which can be teleported in they will be lost. There also was a glitch how to get more ppl in.
  5. Meshi

    Silica pearls, oil and obsidian in Aberration

    Another oil resurce are oil rock on bottom of overlook on beatch of element river. Obsidian is all aroun bioluminescent zone usually on lages.
  6. Meshi

    Headlight attachments for dino saddles

    Use light pet form aggeration with lvls in charge range.
  7. I can confirm, that I didnt see basilisk of Karkinos BP in normal inland drops and surfice drops but I didnt pick up much cave drops (inside 3 artefact caves).
  8. I would bring therezino and yuty.
  9. Meshi

    Glider + Zipline Motor and Dyes

    Actually glider can be paint separately and it will overwrite colour region of t-shirt. But motor is pain. You can paint pants with motor but when you remove it and place back paint is gone.
  10. I hate this bug. Last week I hold 190 egg which spoil immediately and left sadness in my hearth .. until bunch of rockdrakes charged me..
  11. Meshi

    Devs inactivity

    It isn't that long ago when ppl was complaining on forum then there is too many patches deployed. You never please everybody I guess...
  12. Meshi

    Dino's in the radiation zone

  13. Meshi

    A good laugh

    We got our ascendant torch blueprint from drop in ice cave. Not inside just that 5-6 drops you can fly to.
  14. Meshi

    Rockwell Acheivements

    I would like to have Rockwell kill as achivement too. There is no such thing now. At least not on steam. If you will kill him only creadit you will get is tek item unlock for that character. Even costume Items Rockwell drops arent account bound and you will loose them eventionaly (same as manticore gear set).
  15. Meshi

    Event this Weekend?

    Doest higher rates seriously lower "official difficulty"? I was told over and over that only real Ark is official. So why criple official rates? You are asking to degrade godly officials into every second unofficial crapy server around. Where is your "hardcore" and "official is only real Ark" spirit, guys?